Previously on our Starforged playtest we created our:

Session Setup

Last time we left Hapi they were about to head back home and try to make sense of the starship’s black box”. Seems like a Set A Course move can tell us a bit about our journey back home.

Set a Course +supply: 9 vs. 9, 5: weak hit

Ask the Oracle: Is it the Radas? 85: (Likely) yes

To setup our position, I think Hapi must Secure an Advantage” to see if they spot this danger early or run right into it:

Secure an Advantage +wits: 3 vs. 6, 7: miss


Hapi’s hands are sweaty but they firmly grip the throttle of their hoverbike. It is bright and sunny but in fact it is the evening. Dag’s perpetual daylight tends to throw off visitors not use to the unnerving lack of noticeable daylight rhythms. As Hapi crests over a dune, the reflecting daylight temporarily blinds them. The noise of gunfire snaps Hapi to attention.

Enter the Fray: 7 vs. 6, 6: strong hit

Hapi skids their hoverbike to a halt and takes cover behind it. Scanning the area Hapi realizes they are outnumbered and there’s one way out of this mess: getting aboard the Long Odds and keeping on the move. The ship, parked nearby, glistens in the sun.

Hapi takes aim at part of the structure near his hut hoping to knock the canopy down over some of the gang members.

Strike: 4 vs. 3, 7: weak hit Burn momentum: (10): strong hit

The canopy structure collapses and takes out a gang member in the process. During the chaos Hapi takes the opportunity to remount the hoverbike and speed towards the Long Odds.

Gain Ground: 6 vs. 5, 3: strong hit

With the ship providing additional cover now, Hapi takes a moment to get the drop on another gang member but takes a few shots at their position.

Strike: 7 vs. 1, 5: strong hit

Screams of agony ring across the dunes as another Radas gang member falls to the ground.

Hapi wonders if they should press their luck, and try to make it inside the Long Odds now. Still outnumbered though and if Hapi could eliminate the gang maybe it would buy more time for Hapi to get off-world. There was still the matter of keeping their word to Tarrgh looming in Hapi’s mind.

Need some inspiration for what set pieces might be available:

The whole situation stunk thought Hapi and then it hit them like a brick. Firing two carefully placed shots at the septic waste container near the property Hapi hopes to unleash an explosion.

Strike: 6 vs. 5, 3: strong hit

The ground shakes as the tank explodes. Now or never thinks Hapi, as they make for the Long Odds loading dock. Punching the button the ramp lowers, Hapi fires a few more covering shots, and makes for the hoverbike hoping to ride it up the docking ramp.

Take Decisive Action: 7 vs. 6, 5: strong hit

The remaining Radas are disoriented and caught off guard by Hapi’s willingness to destroy their home. Of course the Long Odds is home now. Banging on the ramp door button the platform begins to rise back up, sealing Hapi off from the remaining gang members. Running to the cockpit Hapi fires up the engines, the blast knocking over a Rada gang member who had regained their footing. Angling the ship around to face them, Hapi fires off a few blasts towards them eliminating the remaining fires.

Hapi places a kiss in their hand and slaps on the To infinity and beyond” sticker on the console as the ship slowly climbs into the air.

GM Notes

I like the rewritten combat moves, thing read more clearly and simply than they used to - or at least that’s what my brains says. Obviously, the dice were heavily in our favor today which is unusual in my experience. Not complaining, certainly made a cinematic scene. I’m enjoying Starforged overall though not having made a sector map, I’m not entirely sure where Hapi would go from here. Also, I think our next scene needs to deal with Hapi keeping their word to return the jewels to Tarrgh — it seems out of character for them not to.

October 12, 2020 · Ironsworn · Starforged · playtesting · Observation Deck

Previously on our Starforged playtest we created our:

Kicking off play, I have a few Oracle rolls to make and the Swear an Iron Vow move:

What planet are we on when the story starts?

Where are we on Dag (or off) when the story starts?

Finally, we need to Swear an Iron Vow” to tackle the quest to clear Hapi’s name

Swear an Iron Vow +heart (4): 10 vs. 2, 7 - strong hit

Ok, in order for Hapi to clear their name they must return to the scavenger site and pull the ship’s logs. Hapi believes this will demonstrate that the ship was a wayward vessel and doesn’t belong to the clan that is claiming ownership.

Oh, I need a clan name so I turn to one of my name generators: Rada”

Dag, Dirtside, Southern Dunes

Hapi wondered how’d he gotten himself into such a miserable situation. The dumbest part was that Hapi had returned to the scene of the supposed crime.

I don’t even know why the Radas want this stuff; this wreck has been here forever.”

Hapi begins their search for the ship’s black box”.

Gather Information +wits: 5 vs. 3, 9: weak hit

Ahh, these old T-15 cubes are a chore to pull. Now, where’s that extraction tool…”

Let’s play with all of the toys as they say:

Check your Gear +supply: 10 vs. 4, 3: strong hit

Hapi pulls out the tool and starts to pull the box out.

Ultimately having this box is an narrative advantage”, so I think we have to use the Secure an Advantage move rather than Face Danger. My Ironsworn muscles might be a little rusty.

Secure an Advantage +wits: 7 vs. 10, 3: weak hit

We’re on a nice run here momentum wise and have the resource in our hands. I think Hapi has made progress on this sub-quest/vow to Figure out origins of scavenged ship”.

Reach a Milestone: Secure a Resource (“black box”)

Hapi secures the black box” and stows it away. Hapi gathers their tools and makes their way back to the exit.

Ask The Oracle:

Hapi, didn’t expect to see you here. I heard you already went over this wreck.”

Tarrgh, never a pleasure to see you.”

Why don’t you set your pack down” says Tarrgh as he waves a gun at Hapi.

Sure, let’s be reasonable here.” Hapi sets down the bag and nods at it. I don’t have anything of value to you in there and most of that ship is ripe for the picking. We can go our separate ways here and no one has to get hurt.”

Compel +heart: 9 vs. 5, 7: strong hit

Tarrgh bends down, holding the gun firmly pointed at Hapi, and inspects the bag. Pulling out the box he eyes it suspiciously but places it back in the bag. Tarrgh thrusts the gun into Hapi’s back and marches him into the ship to take a look around. Seeing most of the wreck still in salvageable condition he looks back at Hapi.

You are not lying, there is plenty to be had here. What do you need that for?” he points the gun outside, presumably at the bag.

Ship’s log. Radas say they hold the scavenge rights to this ship but I don’t think it is theirs. Thought I’d see if I could pull out the identifier or anything else useful.”

Nonsense, this should be a holy site!”

Well, you can take that up with the Radas. I’m just trying to save my own hide.”

I want this salvage for my people, Hapi. I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll let you walk out here with your life if you will share the information about the origins of the ship with me.”

Deal. You know how to find me. It’ll take a few days to make sense of that box but I’ll share what I know.”

Tarrgh thinks on this. Ok. Why are the Radas after you anyway, doesn’t even look like you’ve done much on this wreck?”

Someone must have saw me entering it after the sandstorm uncovered it?”

Well, Hapi is flat out lying here

Compel +shadow: 3 vs. 1, 3: weak hit

Sure, why not just tell them you didn’t take anything? Leave well enough alone. Nah, you found something here didn’t you?”

There was a skeleton of a human or humanoid. I buried them a few paces, that way.” Hapi points out to the south a bit. They had some old simple robes, a bit of jewelry that must have been on their face; you know, like yours. I can give you the jewelry.”

Probably another Compel? Now, Hapi isn’t lying here … he’s omitting info but aiming to barter … so…

Compel +heart: 10 vs. 1, 1: strong hit

Jewels? Really? Those face beads are sacred objects, you must return to them. I’ll give you (1d4: [2]) two days, Hapi. I want the jewels and whatever else you can tell about this wreck.”

Hapi, nods and walks outside. Grabbing their pack Hapi climbs on their hoverbike and rides off.

Game Notes

Playing Ironsworn is like riding a biycle: it gets easier the more you exercise the relevant muscles. I’m not 100% sure I played this out in the most ideal Ironsworn way but I think it is in the ballpark.

I liked the Check your Gear move - it is a subtle tweak on previous Ironsworn moves that feels natural for this genre. And so far the Oracle results all feel natural or at least easy to work with given my setting Truths.

Next time, we’ll catch up with Hapi and figure out what they unearthed from the black box.” Fair warning: I don’t intended to play out every scene of this game in a step-by-step order. I’ll skip over some bits, montage, or flashback as needed. I don’t have the patience or freetime to exhaustively simulate Hapi’s life.

September 23, 2020 · Ironsworn · Starforged · playtesting · Observation Deck

Having created our setting’s Truths and a main character we are almost ready to start playtesting Starforged’s moves and oracles through gameplay. In order to kick things off we need to develop our story starter.

Currently there’s no playtest guidance here so we will fall back to Ironsworn where you create a Background Vow” and an Inciting Incident” to kick things off. Other games might refer to this concept as starting In Medias Res” though they don’t often frame it with the backdrop of the Background Vow.” If you have never played Ironsworn before then a Background Vow is a primary motivation or ultimate goal for your character. Sometimes these are obvious like become the future king of this land” but in Hapi’s case don’t die in The Forge” is the truest of statements but not quite enough of a story hook that will push the narrative forward.

Taking a step back and considering what appears to be our initial Quest (“Refute the false criminal charges against Hapi.”) then the background vow might be Take down the clan that has falsely accused Hapi.” As a reminder, the false criminal charges were generated in the Truths exercise and I don’t have much detail about the specifics. I’m not 100% sure Hapi’s character is the out for revenge” type but I’m going to go with it out of laziness and a desire to play.

So, with the background vow of Take down the clan that has falsely accused Hapi”, Hapi will embark on their first quest to refute the false criminal charges.” Hapi has been a hard working scavenger scraping by pulling spare parts for salvage to survive in their day-to-day life. Now though they’ve be falsely accused of a crime. Most likely they salvaged a part they should not have (or where they should not have.) The crime might be something as simple as a trumped up charge about salvage rights from the ruling clan on this planet. The clan has lined the pockets of the local authorities (and may very well be the local authorities) so it is easy to take action against people who get in their way.

What has Hapi salvaged though that was so valuable? Asking the Oracles for a Descriptor/Focus, I get Powerful/Force.” Being the extremely lazy Star Wars fan I am, I think Hapi has unearthed a Way Blade” from a ship wreck. I did establish in the Truths that there was a mystical energy force present in The Forge and that certain rare individuals were able to harness it.

While Hapi has a Weathered” look, in my mind they are young but a life of scavenging takes a toll on you. Hapi’s parents likely died when Hapi was a child and Hapi has been forced to make a life out of what was available to them. I think it is likely that if they were one of the rare” individuals empowered by The Way” it is unlikely they would know it. Strange dreams? sure. Maybe a handful of times something happened that seemed unnatural but working on your own on a desolate planet probably makes you dismiss lots of things as a mirage.

Now, did they find this Way Blade” by accident or… was it calling to them? Play to find out” is what I say and that’s what we will start doing next time.

September 18, 2020 · Ironsworn · Starforged · playtesting · Observation Deck

Today, we’re going to continue to build up our Starforged playtesting scenario. We have our Truths that define the broad stokes of the setting and now we need a main character.

I prefer to play SciFi roleplaying games (particularly solo ones) with a crew” in whatever form this takes. I’m a huge fan of Zozer’s SOLO and one aspect that game taught to me appreciate is the interpersonal relationships of the crew and how those can ground the fantastic nature of SciFi stories to something more personal. In the past I’ve found that solo Ironsworn works best if you run” a single character and allow other members of the party to be either an Irosnworn Asset or just flavorful NPCs that enable the fiction. Given all that I will create a single characer for now whom will often be the main focus of the fiction but there will be other crew members who will help carry the story forward. I’ll get to those later.

To help me get started I’m going to work off the Character Primer worksheet that is part of the playtest materials:

  1. Board your ship: We are to take the Starship Vehicle” Command Vehicle Asset and give it a name. The starship name oracles are not ready yet for the playtest so I will use another random table of names I have laying around which gives me the name Long Odds.” Possibly the most fitting name for a vehicle asset in an Ironsworn game you could imagine. I set the health status tracker for this assset to +5. The first ability on the asset has been chosen for us:

    Your armed, multipurpose starship is suited for interstellar and atmospheric flight. It can comfortably transport several people, has space for cargo, and can carry and launch support vehicles. When you Advance, you may spend experience to equip this vehicle with module assets.”
    There’s a lot of fictional positioning established here already and it feels immediately useful without any upgrades which is nice.

  2. Choose three assets: I feel like I need to resolve some bits from the Truths experience first. The Truths document hinted that I might want to take the FUGITIVE and SCAVENGER assets. Well FUGITIVE doesn’t exist right now but SCAVENGER does so I’ll grab that. GEARHEAD looks appealing, particularly with someone who likes scavenging. I contemplated quite a few assets for my last one but I think HOVERBIKE makes the most sense for the type of work the character is doing.
  3. Create a connection:
  1. Set your stats: Edge 3, Heart 4, Iron 3, Shadow 2, Wits 2
  1. Set your status trackers: No surprises here.
  2. Envision your character:

I imagine that Hapi’s character will evolve as we get to know them (and they get to know themselves and their place in the story) better. I have a simplistic understanding of where they are coming from but almost no idea where they are going to. I gave them two goals to start, clearing their name of a crime they’ve been accused of (from the Truths exercise) and securing resources for their livelihood. This feels straightforward and I think I’m ready to begin play next.

September 17, 2020 · Ironsworn · Starforged · playtesting · Observation Deck

There’s a playtest edition out of Ironsworn’s science fiction sister game Starforged”. As someone who previously twisted Ironsworn to play SciFi I thought I should give the proper version a spin. As with Ironsworn, you are encouraged to use a World Trurths” exercise to define your game.

Note: I had originally provided my answers here to the first 20 question Truths exercise but I have removed those as Starforged’s author Shawn Tomkin released another update of the Truths exercise and encourage folks to use this version if they had not started their playtest yet. Seeing as I haven’t even made it to character building I figured I’d throw away my first run through the 20-question version and go with this.

In light of some discussion on the playtest discord I’m going to push myself to stay within the confines of the exercise because I’d like to reduce the amount of friction I have with the oracles in play. If you aren’t familiar with Ironsworn then you need to understand that many of the game’s rules interact with the various oracles” (random tables) the game provides and while it is easy to reskin these oracles to better suit your theme I’m not inclined to do so for a playtest.

So with all that in mind, let’s do some Truths once more with feeling!” style: (I’m going to take a few more notes this time as I go)

  1. Cataclysm: Everything fell apart in an age of chaos. A crisis was sparked by the rise of a fascist power.
  1. Exodus: Mysterious alien gates provided instantaneous one-way passage to the Forge.
  1. Iron: We swear vows upon the iron remnants of ships that carried our people to the Forge.
  1. Communities: Dangers remain, but we have made our mark in this galaxy.
  1. Clans: Through brute force or cunning, a few powerful clans control most of the settled territory and resources.
  1. Laws: Communities or clans define their own laws; there are no common laws which bind us. The exception is bounties on fugitives or criminals, which are almost universally recognized.
  1. Religion: Our gods failed us. We left them behind.
  1. Mysticism: Mystical powers are wielded by those rare folk we call gifted. The miraculous abilities are a product of: Evolutionary mutations?
  1. Communication and Data: Information is life. We rely on an clan of spacebound couriers–the Heralds–to transport messages and data across the vast distances between settlements.
  1. Medicine: The Menders are an order of sworn healers who preserve our medical knowledge and train new generations of caregivers.
  1. Artificial Intelligence: The vestiges of our advanced machine intelligence is coveted and wielded by those in power.
    • I changed my thoughts here from my previous assumptions based on a previous choice about the importance of a few powerful clans. It makes more sense to me now that this technology is limited, probably fought over.
  2. War: War never ends. Talented weaponsmiths and shipwrights craft deadly tools of destruction. The largest clans wield powerful fleets and hordes of planetside troops.
    • Have you fought in any wars?” Oracle says… 11: (Likely) no” and we asked for an Action+Theme I got Protect Disaster.” Maybe I was involved in some fashion but in a defensive capacity and the relevant war(s) never came.
  3. Precursors: An advanced spacefaring empire, what we call the Ascendancy, once ruled the entirety of the Forge.
    • Ok, I changed my answer again given some rethinking - particularly with the disabled jumpgate. To have built such a gate would have required some pretty advance tech that doesn’t really exist in a working, widely available state in The Forge. Possibly the Ascendancy had started to colonize The Forge but stopped ages ago for some reason.
    • Have you had any notable encounters with precursor ruins, relics, or tech?” 96: (Unlikely) yes”. A check on Descriptor/Focus tells me Rich/Installation.” Maybe I’m a scavenger. I’ll need to think on this a bit as it is a wrinkle I had not considered.
  4. Lifeforms: The Forge is a chaotic galaxy, but life has found a way.
  5. Essentia: Some may weave wild tales of encounters with strange beings, but we cannot deny an inescapable truth. We are alone.
    • There’s wiggle room for this prompt to be untrue” through play and that’s fine with me.
  6. Horrors: Put enough alcohol in a spacer, and they’ll tell you stories of ghost ships crewed by vengeful undead. It’s nonsense.
    • This is not an area of gameplay I intend to explore but I guess I’m willing to have my mind changed through play.

This went much better than my first time through. The writing is clearer and the choices seem more purposeful in some ways.

I’m very much used to the random chaos sandbox” nature that comes from relying on GM Emulators/Oracles - so if it pains you to watch me defer to random chance as to what my character will be I apologize but trust me when I say the fun in all this (for me) is embracing that chaos.

The nice thing about Ironsworn’s system is nothing will break if you ignore components of the setting as the game wraps itself around the fiction you create. There is a post-apocalypse tone to some of the prompts in the Truths material I was not inspired by but I think if you step back from those statements you can reshape them in your own image.

I found going through the truths section deeply rewarding as it did make me think carefully about where to set certain setting dials and that’s the goal of this material. It is an excellent part of Ironsworn’s first run” experience - out of the gate the game challenges you to think carefully about the fiction you are going to create. I’m happy Starforged has embraced this part of Ironsworn and I like that the Truths exercise feels more open and richly defined than the original game’s version.

September 16, 2020 · Ironsworn · Starforged · playtesting · Observation Deck

Into the Void, Season 1, Episode 3

Previously on Into the Void: Phoebe’s modifications of the scout ship have led to a few incidents that caused Rubin to question their safety but Phoebe pulled rank and Rubin fell inline. Later while restowing fallen cargo due to mechanical issues when exiting jumpspace, Rubin discovered a crate of unstable Way crystals that could be used as an improvised explosive device.

Jumpspace, Leg 2 of 2 to the Gamma System

And that’s how you win Olinka, BAM.” Rubin slams down his assortment of stones”.

Yes, Rubin. Well done. The student has become the master.” says Turick.

I’m still not sure I understand why the light stones have to be knocked out of the ring but that was fun. I need to go prep for arrival.” Phoebe turns and makes her way back to the bridge.

Have you reconsidered your intention to misuse the crystals?” Turick asks Rubin.

Misuse… I mean they are weapons are not? I’d think we are using them as described in the manual.”

They are not inherently weapons. You may cause the loss of innocent life with your plans. I am urging you to rethink the matter.”

Turick, our new government is sending people needlessly to a war they have manufactured. They were enslaving your people. The innocents are already caught up in this mess.”

There is always another path.”

Take it up with the commander.”

Ariving Dust, Gamma System

I like the grub here, the Axel Fries are a treat.” says a large, bulky Cthoni who has a noticeably robotic hand and a distinctive set of tentacles that undulate from their chin.”

Thanks for meeting with us, Sepp. We haven’t uh seen you since…” says Phoebe before being cut-off by Rubin.

…those delivery runs to Dagles! What a hoot! Good times.”

Yes, that’s where I lost my hand. Very touching of you to remember.”

Phoebe nudges herself back into the front of the conversation Yes. That was unfortunate, though I imagine that one is a bit of an upgrade right?”

I don’t have problems opening jars anymore.”

Well good, there you go.” interjects Rubin once more.

Rubin, get us a round why don’t you.” Phoebe slides him some cred sticks.

How can I help you, Phoebe? You know I’m not really connected to the courier world anymore, I doubt I can be of much use to you.”

Well, neither are we. It is possible we’re here with a stolen Magnan courier ship and a couple of AWOL labels on our IDents.”

Sepp leans forward Shit, Phoebe. What happened?”

Janne Zuzka.”

The new Prime Minister? What do they have to do with you?”

They are running a scam right out of the Primum Palace. The war with the Novorians is a setup. It is a branding cash grab for their nested tangle of family businesses.”

Doesn’t really seem like a matter for a courier, Phoebe.”

They conscripted Rubin into the Army. Our last scout mission went sideways and we were helped out by someone who has been persecuted by the Magnans… surely you can appreciate that?”

Sepp nods and lowers his head. I just lost a contract with someone who had disparaged the Octonoriat. Folks in the Dust do not appreciate the old ways.”

Maybe we can help each other out? Rubin and I need some credit flow.”

Possibly. I would like to return… a favor… to the one who has shamed my Gods. Perhaps you can help me fill in some of the blanks on their place of business.”

Sepp punches a few details into his data pad, removes a data stick, and slides it over.

Thanks. We’ll be in touch. Speaking of which… where’s…” Phoebe trails off and she sees Rubin in a heated argument with a table of Starport cargo dock workers.

You’ll have to keep him inline if you are going to make it out here.” Sepp says to Phoebe.

Yeah, yeah yeah. Shit. It was nice catching up.”

Sure, any excuse for fries.”

September 10, 2020 · Campaigns · Into the Void · Episodes

Into the Void, Season 1, Episode 2

Previously on Into the Void: Phoebe led an engineering effort to disable tracking devices on their scout ship so that her and fellow crew member Rubin could defect from the Magnan Empire.

Leaving Lavene

Would it help if I got out and pushed?” quips Rubin.

Shut-up.” says an annoyed Phoebe.

Is it possible that when you re-routed around the quantum core you crippled the jump drive?”

I may… have overcharged the particles. Look, why don’t you go play a game with Turick.”

Yeah, why not. As luck would have it, we are so far into the void of nothingness there’s very little traffic out here.”

Turick, buddy. You know how to play Burst? Oh, well from the face you are shooting me that’s a no. Do you know any card games?” Rubin wonders if Turick has ever had a moment of fun in his life.

I can teach you how to play Olinka. Are there perhaps something like stones onboard?”

Rubin fetches a few things that pass as stones, mostly assorted replacement bearings. The two play a game that resembles something like marbles.”

This is cool, is the main jam on Lavene?” asks Rubin.

It is a story about our history. Lavene was not always where it is now, it has moved across the galaxy.”

I’m going to stop you there and teach you how planets orbit their suns.”

I understand that concept but the legends say Lavene was not always orbiting the same suns.”

Right. Well that’s kookydooks but it is a good to have a legend.”

Jumpspace, Leg 1 of 2 to the Gamma System

As the scout ship exits jumpspace there is a large shudder and all manner of items fall from their overhead storage berths.

Phoebe, I think we need to consider … undoing your handywork with the quantum core? It seems to be causing problems and one of these jumps we’ll just end up somewhere unpleasant, or dead. Do you want to die, is that it?”

Rubin we are not undoing the work. We’ll keep figuring out how to make it work but if unless you want to follow another commander’s orders you’ll follow mine. Stow that loose cargo and prepare for our next jump.”

Rubin sighs and nods. It is much less than the expected salute in such a situation but Phoebe chooses not to press the issue.

Uh, Pheebs?” yells Rubin Why are we carrying this massive box of energized crystals? And why are they vibrating?”

Phoebe walks back to the cargo hold and Turick joins the two as the conversation has piqued his curiosity.

Where did you find those?” asks Turrick.

Do you know what they are? Do you finally know the answer to something I don’t?” says Rubin.

Those crystals are infused with Way energy. Something has positively charged them and they are excited.” Turrick responds.

Excited? Like, what they are dancing for joy?”

Rubin, we must have picked those up on Tiverete. That spooky ass volcano world. We were delivering personal packages to the excavation crew and that box was supposed to contain their letters for their families back home.” Phoebe interjects.

Interesting. If left to the wrong hands they can be highly destructive.” notes Turick.

Like, what they explode?” asks Rubin.

Yes, if you were to hit them with a plasma blast in this raw excited state they’ll cause a explosion that would level anything for miles.” Turrick says as he kneels down and waves his hand over the crystals. They begin to settle down.

That changes things.” Phoebe says as she walks back to the bridge.

September 9, 2020 · Campaigns · Into the Void · Episodes

Into the Void, Season 1, Episode 1


A solo roleplaying campaign using SOLO, published by Zozer Games and written by Paul Elliott. The setting is based on Somnium Void, published by Trollish Delver Games and written by Scott Malthouse. Additional solo roleplaying tools from Tana Pigeon of Word Mill Games.

Dirtside on Laveve in the Isedmale System

Two figures are working on the innards of spaceships. Tools hit the metal floor with a clank, occasionally an electrical spark flares out from the ship’s panels, and the two figures are having a lively argument.

Phoebe, no… no… we need to reverse the auxiliary comm-spool first.”

Rubin, I know this ship. She’s my baby. I’m going to isolate the quantum core first otherwise we’ll blow the comms systems’ capacitors.”

More sparks but this time the lights go out.

Ahh, you were right! This is better because when they board us they’ll trip over something and knock themselves out.” quips Rubin.

If you’d like to stay on world and hide, I’ll happily let you off the ship. Now I’ve confined the quantum core and if I just…” The lights flicker back on.

Well, then we should get this grease off of us. Wanna shower?” says a half-joking Rubin.

Gross. I’m good, thanks. I’m going to calibrate the quantum cells and then patch the sensor back in.”

Feeling better, Rubin?” says Phoebe who looks up from a computer screen.

Rubin, is wearing an orange courier jacket and blue pants with a grey stripe running down the side.

Yeah… fine.” Rubin rubs his hands over his face and feels the spot where he cut himself shaving. He stares out one of the ship’s windows and takes in the barren desert landscape that surrounds them.

I think I found us a route back to the Gamma System that should avoid any Sketh patrols.”


Yeah, we might find some allies there. It is worth trying, don’t you think?”

Ok. That’s not a bad idea.”

Rubin paces around the bridge. Where’s Turick? Meditating? Counting beads?”

I think he’s in his room.”

Phoebe moves to take over the ship’s steering controls. Rubin wanders back to the crew quarters and looks in on Turick.

Ever been to Dust?” asks Rubin.

A planet? I am not familiar with it.” Turick says softly.

It is like here, only wilder. You said you never met a Sketh, huh?” wonders Rubin.

No, I would remember meeting a alien like the one you described.”

Well, they run the Gamma System but they’ve turned a blind eye to Dust. There’s a few Sketh there… crime bosses and the like.”

You have friends on Dust? Friends, that can help?”

A few between me and Pheebs. We can buy some time there until we figure out what we are dealing with.”

The ship rumbles slightly as it takes off. Outside the ship, as the dust clears away, it is notable that the hull has no official markings on it.

September 8, 2020 · Campaigns · Into the Void · Episodes

Log Entry for 65-18440-1400 by Isolde Tolla

The war has brought such chaos to the daily routine that it is hard to put my thoughts down.

Communication freight service is almost non-existent at this point. I do wonder if they’ll force us to evacuate our station in the near future.

We had a Scout ship dock who were about to head out to map a moon for a new military installation. There was a researcher in their party that I fancied but he didn’t seem interested in me.

August 12, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18286-6000 by Isolde Tolla

It is not easy to write up what happened today. Passenger belongings, bodies, and containers drifted close enough to the station today that it was visible from the viewing areas. Commander Vinzenz tells me the wreckage of a large 600 ton passenger was located in sector. The military has begun constructing their own orbital base of operations as they were stretching our capabilities. Some of my crew have not experienced being on the front-lines of a conflict such as this. The piracy has increased to such a level though that it is clear they must have access to the resources of much more powerful ally than their own efforts could generate.

July 24, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18280-5520 by Isolde Tolla

The military presence continues to increase and tensions amongst the local denizens are rising. I hear tales of captains being intensely questioned about where they’ve been and where they are going. The last military ship that docked had a squad in the brig for insubordination - rumor has it they didn’t want to seize food & medicine cargo from a freetrader. At least amongst our own crew, tempers have stabilized and work is getting done.

July 24, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18262-6300 by Isolde Tolla

A rare lull in berthings lately. Perhaps the increased piracy and the hostage situation the other day is taking a toll on business. The downtime is impacting us in odd ways. Bernie and I had a quite fight over the equipment budget. It was implied that I cared more about the bottom line than safety. Jarmil intervened and at least saved us from embarrassing ourselves any further in front of the crew.

July 22, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Bernhardt Ingeborg · Jarmil Draha · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18208-1740 by Isolde Tolla

A passenger took hostages aboard a starliner. We tried to assist with deescalating the situation but utimately the local planetary navy had to come in to neutralize the hostage taker. I passed Viola who was shaken up over the body of a hostage she found on board while performing triage. Commander Vinzenz was very professional in the matter. We had a good open line of communication and the Commander encouraged me to work with him directly if we need future assistance.

July 16, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Bernhardt Ingeborg · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18210-6040 by Isolde Tolla

Still not 100% myself and the additional rest I require means I’m failing behind on keeping up with the goings-on. An express courier’s computer core failed in route to Amate. On board were confidential files” destined for local authorities. It was a delicate negotiation convincing them to allow our crews to assist in repairs.

July 16, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Bernhardt Ingeborg · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18203-7580 by Isolde Tolla

I woke up last night feeling very ill and admittedly went into a panic. Jarmil was able to stabilize me but I’ve spent the day in the infirmary anxiously trying to keep up with the goings on around the station. Viola, a medical technician here, has been very attentive to my needs. She’s a warm soul and we’ve enjoyed a few chats over a cup of tea.

Bernie’s crew had to help make repairs on a passenger liner. The summary makes the effort look like a walk in the park but I’m sure there were complications no one is telling me about.

July 14, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Jarmil Draha · Bernhardt Ingeborg · Viola Irca · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18187-6120 by Isolde Tolla

I had to pull Pauline off duty for a bit. She lost her mother recently and found solace in the bottle. I’ve been counciling her as best I can but it has taken time to gain her trust in this matter. Initially she treated me like everyone else - she blew me off. Perhaps she thought I was just another person trying to offer their condolences but not really there to listen.

The Lucky Serpent was back in port today and I’m beginning to think the ship carries a curse. This time her doctor was ill, as were several other crew members. Jarmil, our head of medicine, was successful in stablizing their doctor but was unable to keep one of their crew from succumbing to the fever.

July 13, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Lucky Serpent · Jarmil Draha · Pauline Zbyna · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18183-2920 by Isolde Tolla

I was grabbing a drink at the Voyager when I overhead the crew of the Seven Stars trying to negotiate a deal for their ivory haul. It is digusting that the ivory trade is still allowed in this sector. I might have stuck my nose in their business but with the heavy military patrols it is not worth the trouble I’ll stir up with Wu-Ketai’s name on the line. There’s been an increased pirate presence of late and the United Authority responded by adding a number of patrol craft to our system. The upside is that the berthings are up and the usuals are still making their runs - even if the increased checks are slowing down trade somewhat.

July 13, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Seven Stars · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18148-4800 by Isolde Tolla

Quite the dust up today with the Lucky Serpent, a large cargo transport that was hiding a bunch of refugees in their hold. One of the refugees stole something from another and a ruckus broke out. Word got back to me and I knew we had some excess food bars for the month - content stomachs make everyone happier. The offer of food calmed the hostilities and we were able to convince them to process for official asylum on Amate. I’ve pulled some stings to ensure they are given a fair shake but now I owe a few favors.

July 9, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Lucky Serpent · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18143-8000 by Isolde Tolla

One of Bernie’s cousins is here with their Yacht, nice ship. I wish I could say it led to a nice family dinner but they’ve got a pain in their heart. Something about a former lover and they are out for revenge. I tried to have some empathy for them but they treated myself and the other women on board with disrespect. If it wasn’t for Bernie I would have been very suspicious of their intentions.

July 9, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Bernhardt Ingeborg · Dispatches

Log Entry for 65-18142-6120 by Isolde Tolla

It often feels like there is an underliying rhythm to the chaos around here. When it rains it pours.” Some cargo containers drifted very close to the station today. and we had to send Pauline out to capture them. These containers were unmarked which prevented us from being able to scan them to determine the shipper and manifest. We’ll add the containers to the monthly abandoned items auction and I suspect the mystery around them will net us a tidy bonus.

We’ve also been working on our individual training programs. Things tend to run pretty smoothly between the crew when they are focused on their individual program. Bernie is helping me learn how the computer systems work around here and he tells me I’m picking it up faster than he expected.

July 8, 2020 · Isolde Tolla · Bernhardt Ingeborg · Pauline Zbyna · Dispatches

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