Season 1 - Episode 6

036-3128, Azain Starport

Ok, let’s clean this mess up” I say to RO-VE, the ship’s robot mechanic. It bleeps in acknowledgment then begins sorting the damaged components from the tools and reusable parts.

Britney?” I call up into the ship. She walks down, freshly showered and looking more at peace than the last few days. Mmhmm?” she acknowledges. It is time to go, we’ll have to grab some fuel and rations somewhere else because I want to keep us moving.”

Where to next then? Straight to Selaan?”

No, Azain is isolated from the jump-gates. That’s why the smugglers like it out here. We’ll have need to make our way over to Usdira first. Sadly, we not see much outside of the starport. It will be cold though, there should be a spare all-weather field jacket in my supplies for you.”

036-3128, Leaving Azain

As we are leaving Azain I do catch a ship tailing us as we leave the planet. I wait till we are a safe distance away from other ships and send a tight beam radio communication.

Juro, nice to see you again. Look, I just need to slip away for a bit because, well, you know how dry it gets back there? Really makes your eyes pop out of their sockets.”

The comms crackle back. I bring word from House Thorn. We have lodged a formal complaint concerning your dismissal and the bounty on your head.”

Uh… thank you? Why are you helping me exactly?”

House Thorn is aware that you are working for Mr. Toran. We share Mr. Toran’s vision for a sector free from the oppressive rule of Universal Investments. Your current mission supports our shared cause so we must buy you time.”

I turn to Britney. People really don’t like your employer very much. Do they do that thing where they raise your holovid bill every month or something?” She looks unamused.

I appreciate it, Juro. We can use all the help we can get. Right now I’m trying to navigate us to the gates at Usdira. Any chance you can escort us for a bit?”

I have instructions to do exactly that.”

036-3128, Azain to Usdira

After we get underway and knowing we have a second pair eyes, I decide to pop in one of the holodiscs to better understand what the hell is going on.

The first few minutes are the usual lines from a political party in opposition. Blah, blah, we represent you!” but then we get to the substance of the Independent Systems Alliance’s beef with Universal Investments. UI has found some portals, like jump gates but they exist only on planet surfaces. They are closely guarding these portals and the secrets they hold. ISA believes that UI is using the portals to further UIs own paramilitary forces into a sector-wide threat.

That would explain all the research into electro-magnetic energy sources.” says Britney.

I don’t follow.”

It is not an area of R&D that we working on until recently. Most of what I’ve seen has been about ramping up and controlling large amounts of electro-magnetic energy. Maybe that’s how they powering the portals they’ve found. I’ve seen a few numeric references to an energy anomaly’ that was labeled Celik-1.”

Celik? That’s in-between Usdira and Selaan. I remember they closed the jump gates to Celik.” I say as I scratch my chin. More questions than answers but Britney’s collaboration of internal research to the story gives it some weight.

We bid farewell to Juro who gives us another House Thorn member to connect with. Tosa Thorn is a bounty hunter who works this sector and Juro has assured us she will be at our disposal.

041-3128, Arriving on Usdira

It is not long before we make it through the arrivals queue and land on Usdira.

I turn to Britney. Welcome to Usdira! The… polar opposite… of Phinto when it comes to vacation spots in this subsector. Replace the lush forests with sheets of ice and the good-time entertainment vibes with relaxing yoga retreats.” Britney groans at my pun.

We gear up in heavy coats and leave the ship to refuel as we head out to find rations. As Britney is pulling up the hood on her coat I’m reminded of a problem.

Hey, we need to get you a new identity and probably a new transponder code for our ship.” She wrinkles up her face. It won’t take a genius to work out you disappeared from Phinto, and your job, around the same time as the base on Lanphin-4 was taken over. They’ll assume you were involved.”

I like me for who am I already.”

We don’t need to go so far as a full faceswap job; a hair color change, a clean hand computer might do.”

I decide we might as well make contact with Tosa as well and figure out who we are dealing with. I message her and suggest she not bring the entire House Thorn merchandise catalog.”

041-3128, Usdira Starport

Britney and I are chatting about our childhoods as we reach the Starport’s main concourse. At this point I have to respect that Britney is much as part of the ship’s crew as I am and I’m making an effort to treat her as an equal.

Tosa wanted to meet us somewhere busy and the main concourse is packed with groups heading skiing and a reporter interviewing someone famous who would probably rather not be found here. Britney swears she recognizes someone in the crowd and I encourage her to keep her head down.

We are waiting by a fountain when a young, tall woman walks up tugging awkwardly at the sleeves of a conservatively shaped abstract floral print dress. We introduce each other and then take a table near a cafe.

You, uh, got my message then?” I say to Tosa while looking over her attire. If you were going for a disguise of religious missionary’ then you nailed it.”

Tosa looks at herself, back up at me, and shrugs. Subterfuge is not my preferred approach.”

Speaking of which, Britney and I are going to need some temporary identities. How familiar are you with the blackmarket here?”

Tosa laughs and proceeds to tell us how House Thorn works. I’ve heard the broad strokes but Tosa is proud of her association with Thorn and it shows. Thorn splits up the subsector into nine areas and hunters are assigned to cover a particular area. They profit share so if a bounty moves from one area to another, they coordinate their efforts and handoff the acquisition to the designated hunter. In short, Tosa is intimately familiar with Usdira because we are on her turf.

We are led out of the starport and into the neighboring Startown”, those charming places that spring up outside of the starport and allow for less regulated commerce. Our destination is The Forgotten Bounty, a grimy bar that wears its desired clientele on its sleeve. Towards the back is a table and as we walk up the folks gathered around disperse.

Tosa leads off the conversation. Peach, these are my friends and I can’t introduce them properly because I don’t know their names yet.”

Peach is not what imagined from a blackmarket fixer at all; delicate hands and a refined taste in jeweled accessories complement their form.

Sit down. Drinks first, business second.”

We do the usual chit-chat, feeling each other out, before getting down to specifics. Peach gives us the name of an associate who can swap our hand computer identification chips. The transponder code is trickier but doable. Looks like we’ve got ourselves at least another day on this ice ball before we can get back on track to Selaan.

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February 21, 2024 · Season 1 · Episodes · Colfer Lanx · Britney Knox · Juro Thorn · Azain · Usdira

Season 1 - Episode 5

034-3128, Azain Starport

I’m scratching my head as I assess the damage to the missile launching bays when I see Britney walking down the ramp.

Where does a gal get a cup of coffee on this dump? You’re all out of beans in the kitchen.”

My maintenance robot follows her down the ramp and I ask them about the status of the ship’s stores.

4 rotations of basic rations are available for the current passenger complement. The water recycler is operating at 100%. Passenger Knox has accurately reported the coffee situation.”

Fine. Coffee, then cargo. We will tackle restocking the ship here if we can. No idea how much time the bounty hunter has bought us.”

034-3128, Azain’s Financial District

We step off Azain’s transit system and I lead us to The Hungry Hauler. If I can’t have my favorite light roasted coffee beans then I’m going straight to the first smugglers diner I can find.

Two coffees please and two of whatever your breakfast specials are.”

We take seats in the diner with our backs to the wall and our eyes keeping watch on the comings and goings. A robot on wheels delivers two coffees and what appear to be two of the largest breakfast burrito wraps I’ve ever seen. The burritos are bog-standard diner fare, neither terrible or outstanding which is all a spacer can ask for.

Britney is wiping her mouth clean Who are we meeting with today?”

Some kid with too much money and time on their hands. Calls themselves Vibrant’. Family controls the salvage right for these parts.”

Britney is drinking coffee when she hears the name and coughs some coffee out. Vibrant?

I shrug. Rich folks doing seemingly weird things is actually normal.

We arrive at the meeting point and if I didn’t know better I’d assume this was a casino. Heading inside we see a lot of youthful looking people casually dressed. The lobby is a collection of geometric shapes and primary colors as if someone supersized a preschool’s furniture collection.

I’ve got a meeting with, Vibrant.” I say to someone behind a half-moon, neon lit desk. I slide over my hand computer with my credentials.

The individual behind the desk plugs my hand comp into their device reader. They tap on a few screens, hand my computer back, and tell me to take a seat.

Soon enough a human with a full wearable computer wrapped around their eyes and a bright white suit greeted us. Follow me, dude. Vibrant wants to see you.”

We ascend a staircase to a loft-like area. Couches, game tables, and large screens are everywhere. There are some holovid studios and I’m starting to gather that Vibrant has turned their generational wealth into some sort of entertainment business.

Got your transporters here, Mr. V!” the face-computer kid eagerly says to someone who looks potentially even younger. Vibrant has dark curly hair, a loud blue & pink jacket, jeans, and sneakers. He, and everything else in this building, look 100% out of place compared to the citizens we saw on the transit system.

Clay’s people?” Vibrant ask me.

I hesitate but I don’t know what Clay has told this man. Yep, here to pickup some cargo.”

Cargo is a rough word for what we’ve got here.” he walks over to an open stainless steel case. I follow him and peer inside. It is a padded container, with carefully packaged holodiscs. I’m smuggling… movies? No expense was spared! These are mind-blowing.” Vibrant boasts.

He pulls something off a nearby table You’ll also be wanting these.” It is a duffel bag containing black boxes, each with a place to insert a holodisc, and some cables dangling from one end.

Yeah, thanks.” I take the bag from his hands and close the holodisc crate. Any additional instructions I should be aware of?”

Vibrant has moved on, distracted by something else, but says without looking at me Not really, you’ll take those to Selaan and plug them into UIs orbital communications arrays. It’ll override the signal and broadcast out the holovids on these discs.”

Britney turns and looks at me with a frown. This deal is getting worse all the time.

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February 17, 2024 · Season 1 · Episodes · Colfer Lanx · Britney Knox · Azain · Vibrant

Season 1 - Episode 4

033-3128, In-Route to Azain

So, what made you become a scientist?” I ask Britney while my starship is in transit to the pickup on Azain.

It wasn’t by choice. Universal Investments came in to provide security to our planet during an uprising and my family was given a choice: send someone to work for UI under contract or leave the planet.”

Damn, that’s rough I think. You see your family often?”

UI let us make video calls. They seem taken care of.”

I hear the usual exit displacement field alarm sounding off and refocus my attention on the ship’s sensor readouts.

A few blips on the radar but nothing stands out. I set a course for Azain and review the instructions Clay gave us on picking up the cargo.

Somehow my attention misses a starship quickly closing distance on me and I’m surprised when the proximity alarm goes off. A round of gun fire disables the missile system on my ship. Britney yelps.

I quickly adjust the trajectory of the ship and try to get in behind the assailant but it is clear their ship is faster than mine. I open near-space comms channel What’s the idea, pal? I am not carrying any cargo so there’s little to gain from blowing me out of the sky.”

Here’s how this will work, you might remember, I can bring you in alive or dead.”

Bounty hunter. Damn.

How many people have you pissed off?” asks Britney who looks more alert than shaken.

I wave Britney off and reopen the comms channel Hunter to Hunter, mind explaining what this contract is about?”

Ex-hunter, right? The regional government of Umas has put a bounty on you for failure to pay environmental damages.”

Oh, technically that’s a Guild problem, no?”

The Guild has denied any knowledge of authorizing you for service on Umas.”

Seriously? What jerks. I think through my options. Disabling my missile system off the start was smart given that their ship is faster than mine. It is going to be hard to get in close.

I decide to take my chances in a nearby belt of minor asteroids and planetoids.

Thank the stars I managed to get in close to an asteroid before the hunter can acquire a lock-on.

We are doing this then?” I hear over the ship-to-ship comm channel.

If I thought there would be a fair evaluation of the facts in this matter, I’d come in and we’d work something out. The Guild disavowing knowledge of me suggests otherwise. Could happen to you next.”

Suddenly the hunter ship is slowing their pace. Everything okay out there?” I ask over the comms.

The code says a Hunter never slays another Hunter and that no Hunter shall refuse aid to another Hunter. It sounds like the facts in this acquisition are in dispute, I will report our contact to the Guild and defer to them on this matter.”

I thank the stars for even a temporary reprieve. Obviously the Guild is not going to go to bat for me here but at least this Hunter has some manners.

Much obliged. What do I call you?”

Callsign is Ironclad of House Thorn. My friends call me Juro.”

I catch a smirk from Britney out of the corner of my eye. This is serious stuff. Sorry Scientists don’t get cool nicknames.”

Thank you, Juro. Give your House my blessings.”

The connection goes dead and we don’t run into further trouble securing a docking bay on Azain.

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February 7, 2024 · Season 1 · Episodes · Colfer Lanx · Britney Knox · Azain

Season 1 - Episode 3

031-3128, Lanphin-4 (moon in the Tisan System), Olympus Station

I’m awakened by the sound of a door in my temporary cell. The lanky rebel is standing at the entrance with a stupid grin on their face.

Turns out, you are as stupid as you look. Came here to pick up some corporate bozos and didn’t even get paid for it. She’s a looker though, I could see why you’d do it.” the rebel says.

I might as well have been slapped in the face. I try to stand firm. Seeing as you are the mastermind here, what don’t you just tell me what’s going on and then I’ll see my way out.”

Sorry flyboy, there will be no evil villain monologue today. Why did you come here? I ran your ship through the registry, it is in good standing even if your Bounty Hunters license isn’t. Surely you can find better things to do.”

I have a thing for women with pink hair.”

Maybe you are tied up in what UI is working on here and didn’t bother to loop your girlfriend in.”

It had occurred to me that no one blows holes into a moon station just to grab some survey data.

Ahh, so they are doing something more than just cataloging rocks outside? One hears rumors Universal are building super soldiers or somesuch nonsense but I always chalk that stuff up to conspiracy lovers. We haven’t haven’t seen a sector-wide conflict for centuries.”

You are thinking about it backwards. Universal has been gradually taking over The Federation. There’s no blasters here, kid. The war was lost in local elections, then regional governorships, and now there’s no one at the senior levels of the Federation who was not bought and paid for by UI.”

I chuckle. Good job, you’ve been reading the local news bulletins! Do you get a pizza party now? I always loved those as a kid.”

When the oppression of UI comes down on your throat, you won’t be laughing… you will take this seriously.”

Whoever they are they’ve obviously seen some shit. I try to cut them some slack. Look, I don’t know who you are and I don’t know what UI is doing here. I was trying to help the lady out, plain & simple. If you didn’t kill her friends yet then we’ll take them with us and I never saw you.”

That’s not happening but I have a proposal for you. Pick up a shipment for me on Azain and bring it to Selaan. Then you can have your friends back.”

They’re not even my friends. What’s in it for me?”

Besides a hot date?” They appear to be thinking for a moment. I’d like there to be no… Federation entanglements, if you catch my meaning. Keep this trip off the Fed’s radar and I might be able to help you get your Bounty Hunter’s license restored.”

Well, now we’re talking. By the way… who I am even talking to?”

Clay Toran, of the Independent Systems Alliance.”

The ISA? Bunch of do-gooders with no credits and a cause. Other Hunters have warned me away from ISA bounties because they’ve had troubles collecting payment. How do I know you will keep your end the bargain?”

You don’t. Might I remind you that you are the one that flew into here with no plan at all.”

That much was true. I was blinded by the beautiful face. I’d ask him how he knows I’ll keep my end of the bargain but I’d wager they are installing a tracking beacon on my ship right now.

What’s the shipment?”

It is one of those the-less-you-know things. It won’t blow up your ship or put you or the nice lady in danger though.”

Ok.” I reach over to shake his hand. I’m led out of the room after a while where I find Britney sitting at a table with our personal belongings laid out.

Your friends are ok” I tell her but they aren’t letting us walk out of here with them. If we help them smuggle some cargo they’ll release your friends to us.”

Why? Why would we help them? Why would they not just shoot us all now.”

Fair questions. Well by committing crimes for them we are tangled up with their mess. Why smuggling? I’m guessing these folks don’t have a fleet of ships at their disposal. Why not just us shoot us now? I don’t know, maybe they are good guys.’ They seem to think UI was up to no good here.”

Britney looks troubled but tired. In any other moment she probably would have held firm or walked away very coolly. Instead she sighs and says Ok.”

Session Notes

The Starport Scum Storyteller’s guide has an optional Social Combat system that offers a crunchy way to handle verbal duels. I ran both interrogations through this system. Britney quickly lost but Colfer held his own. Initially Clay had out-maneuvered Colfer but a series of fumbles (critical misses) by Clay left an opening. I used some NPC conversation tools from Mythic to work out the context of what the tone and topics were. Very very fun, particularly as we’ve yet to have any combat so far.

February 3, 2024 · Season 1 · Episodes · Colfer Lanx · Tisan

Season 1 - Episode 2

029-3128, In-Route to Tisan

Rubbing my eyes, I awake from a brief nap while we are in transit to the Tisan system. I look across the ship system’s readouts and everything is normal.

My dreams did not produce a solution to getting past the potential blockade on Lanphin-4. Last week my Bounty Hunters’ Guild license would have opened this particular door but the revoked” status is likely to raise some eyebrows.

I look over at Britney who is wide awake and reading something on her digipad.

Don’t suppose you have some kinda of clearance to visit the installation on Lanphin-4?”

Will we need that?”

Never know who is looking closely at what ships are coming and going.”

She looks thoughtful and says I don’t think I have the proper clearance for that. My co-workers collect the data and I analyze it. Off-world.”

No problem. We will find a way down to the surface.” Big problem, I say quietly to myself. I unstrap and head out of the cockpit. I look back and say If any of the lights on those panel start flashing, hit this comm button and tell me.”

I head back to the cabin areas and rummage through the various items I’ve collected over the years. A work jump suit catches my eye and I pull it out. I laugh as I look at the logo patch on the chest pocket: Universal Investments”. I stole this to pose as a UI repair worker on Lidbi. Won’t exactly get us off a corvette’s scanner but might save our bacon if we are boarded. I change into the work jump suit and head to the kitchen.

After I rehydrate some food, I bring it up to the cockpit. Hungry?”

She looks up and her eyes drawn to the jump suit’s logo How?!”

It pays to keep junk around sometimes” I say as I slide back into my seat. We will have to play the emergency card. Distress signal, urgent repairs, maybe the proper authorization hasn’t come through yet, no time to talk, blah blah blah.”

030-3128, Arriving at Tisan

The navigation arrival warning sounds and as my ship comes out of its displacement field I check the radar for nearby contacts. Sure enough a patrol ship is in-position to intercept vessels trying to access Lanphin-4. Might as well play it straight.

Hailing Tisan Patrol, this is Captain Lanx of the Swift Rendition. We are on an emergency mission to assist Universal Investments personnel from Olympus Station on Lanphin-4.”

Acknowledged. Please establish a holding pattern while check arrival authorizations.”

This is an emergency situation and I have instructions to immediately assist surviving personnel. Can we work through the proper records after personnel are secured?”

I listen to a moment of static before the patrol ship gives me the OK to proceed to surface. They’ll let us through but getting out is going to be another matter.

Britney pats me on the back Nicely done. You led with the truth for once.”

I raise an eyebrow. Have I lied to you yet?”

If you were a Bounty Hunter, wouldn’t you have broadcast your credentials? Easier than this emergency business.”

It is… possible my license needs renewal.”

She nods and peers out the window as we head down towards the surface of Lanphin-4.

Speaking of lies. Your friends down here don’t happen to have a bunch of symbolic tattoos or like to beam out resistance propaganda on weekends?” I will probably regret tossing this information in her face.


This moon has been flagged for rebel activity.”

Britney looks shocked. What? What’s happened?”

Maybe your friends were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t know, it is all over the system bulletin though.”

I punch in the coordinates Britney gave me for Olympus Station and start the arrival pattern. My mood shifts from get it done” to oh, damn” the instant I see a prone body outside a breached wall of the station near the landing pad. I bank the ship slight to obscure this gruesome scene from my passenger’s point of view.

You, uh, up for this? Who knows what we are walking into.” I ask Britney.

No, not at all. I don’t have any field training. I sit behind a desk.”

I nod and walk her back to the cargo bay where I keep the vacc suits. How about one of these, ever use one?”

Sure, I grew up with very little atmosphere.” she says as she comfortably figures out the differences between the suits she grew up with and mine.

030-3128, Lanphin-4 (moon in the Tisan System), Olympus Station

The ship must have attracted attention because the moment I open the ramp, there’s a couple of folks in vacc suits pointing guns at me.

So, these aren’t your friends?” I quip to Britney who is not interested in my deflection of the urgency of the situation. I hold up my hands and we are led into the interior of the blasted out station.

The inner walls are scarred by gunfire and gaps in the ceilings expose hanging electrical wires. Eventually we cross into a section of the station that appears to be un-breached and has life support.

We come to a door that has the symbol universally recognized as medical” and walk through. This room is clearly on emergency power but appears functional. A few folks are laying on tables and one table has an individual tending to someone’s wounds.

I eye a group of folks in a corner who appear uninjured but are being held at gunpoint.

The sound of laughter cuts through the tension as a lanky person wearing a crisp uniform walks in and towards in. They open the visor on my helmet. The air is heavy with sweat and blood. They jab a finger into my forehead. Welcome cowboy, sadly you are too late to save this operation.”

Actually, I’m just here to adjust the air conditioning. I got a maintenance report that it was too cold.” I have a feeling my smart ass remarks are going to get me shot, so I stop there. I turn my head slightly and I can see that Britney is standing besides me, shellshocked.

It is indeed very cold in here, I might have left a window open.” The tall person walks around surveying the room. Well, my friend… you are either very stupid or very bold to come here.”

I hold my tongue. I hear Britney speak up through her helmet What’s going on here exactly?”

That’s what I’d like to find out about you two.” they say as they hold up a finger and motion for one of their guards to come over. Next thing I know I’ve been separated from Britney, I’m handcuffed, and sitting in a room staring at the ceiling. How the hell did I get myself into this mess?

Session Notes

February 1, 2024 · Season 1 · Episodes · Colfer Lanx · Tisan

Season 1 - Episode 1


The notification on my digipad informed me that my Bounty Hunters’ Guild License was revoked. Not surprising as the avalanche I caused on Umas added to an infractions list that was one too many long.

Time to wrap up my rest & relaxation on Phinto then and figure out what I’m going to do next. Who’s kidding who though, I already what I’m doing next and that’s getting a drink.

I pick the closest bar that isn’t located within my hotel and find myself at The Moondust. It is packed inside which has increased not only the noise level but the warmth. Besides the typical bar seating area there are several white orb shaped backlit booths running along the walls. At the bar I notice a gorgeous figure, with bright pink hair pulled back into pony tail, who is frantically downing a glass of something brown. My kind of person.

Can I get your next round?”

The figure looks me over and says with a feminine voice Sure. Yes. Why not?”

I hold up my hand to get the robot bartender’s attention. I introduce myself by name to my new friend and ask what’s troubling them.

Lost contact with some friends today and the bean counters who run the operation won’t send anyone out to check on them.”

I think to myself that this sounds like a rescue job, though the word job” might be doing a lot of work in that sentence. I doubt there’s any cash involved. Maybe these friends are dead already and I can avail myself of some newly unnecessary possessions. Or maybe I can be the hero and there’s more work to come from this, or at least a date.

That’s terrible. What were your friends up to?”

It is a survey operation for Universal Investments on Lanphin-4.”

Oh, one of those moons in the Tisan system.”

The troubled face looks at me and their eyes grow big. You know where this is? How to get there?”

Yeah, I’ve got a ship even. I could take you to check on your friends.”

They pause for a minute, probably working out the perils of getting into a stranger’s ship, but they tell me their name is Britney. They are a scientist and they would like to check up on their friends. I tell her I am a Bounty Hunter. I leave out the revoked license part.

I can’t pay.” she says. Not on what UI pays us. I spent what I had getting here but there’s no ships headed to Tisan for several days. I have a little cred left, I thought I might try my hand at gambling.”

I open and close my mouth a few times as my inner angels and demons argue with each other. Eventually I tell her it is no trouble. I was getting bored of Phinto anyway. I give her coordinates to my docking bay and we trade contact cards on our digipads.

Meet you at the ship in a few hours?”

She nods and we part ways. I head to the exit and keep my guard up as there are lots of pickpockets looking to take advantage of tourists on Phinto. No such problems today.

After grabbing my things from the Hotel I make my way on Phinto’s surprisingly clean and efficient transit system. I sit down next to an older woman on the tram who places her hand on mine and tells me not to worry, all will be made right. That sufficiently creeps me out so I quickly thank her and stand near the tram doors hoping the train will move faster.

Arriving at my ship I’m surprised to find Britney with a duffel bag slung over her shoulder.

You’re early.” I tell her as I unlock the ship with my biometrics.

I was hoping we could leave earlier.”

It is no trouble to me, so I show her to the spare cabin only to find it is filled with miscellaneous ship parts and knick-knacks from my travels. This would have been cleaned up if you had arrived later of course.” I lie because I honestly would have forgotten that I tossed all that junk in there.

After squaring our stuff away, I head to the cockpit where I bring up the latest Tisan system bulletin which warns of insurgent activity in the system and advises caution. Lanphin-4 is currently off-limits to travellers. Never a boring day in the verse.

I look back to my passenger and tell her to Buckle up” and decide not to share the news bulletin. She was already stressed out at the bar and I don’t need to deal with an anxious passenger for the rest of the trip.

Session Notes

I won’t always spell out how this stuff comes together, but it is a good example of how I intend to play ALL the books” - picking and choosing from many different resources as the mood strikes. Also this might seem like a lot of looking up rules or page-flipping but most of these encounter mechanics are things I have memorized from play or have automated in my text-edtior’s macro system.

A final note that it took longer to write up this section of notes than to actually play out the encounter. I enjoy teaching and explaining how I approach solitaire play but there will need to be some times where I set some limits to this exercise so I can continue to enjoy posting session reports.

January 31, 2024 · Season 1 · Episodes · Colfer Lanx · Phinto

Season 1 - Setup

Regular readers will have noticed some changes as I have archived most of the past content. My goal for this year is to stick to one universe, ideally one subsector, but maybe not one character, and not necessarily the same ruleset or procedures.

I play in a number of group games where I can enjoy system mastery but the real joy of solitaire play for me is that I can play ALL the books”. Want to use the task system from one game but the encounter procedure from another? Sure!

So, what’s the plan for 2024? We’ll start off in the Frisch Subsector where we will meet Colfer Lanx. One change for this year is I will be writing the recaps up from the first person perspective of the character. I’ve found this leads to more natural roleplay and I’m spending less time worrying about the recap text and enjoying play. Another change will be trying to limit how much world building I am doing up-front and letting more details emerge from play. I have a natural desire to world-build (and prep is play!) but I need to put some guardrails on that otherwise it tends to complicate the games later on.

To start this year, I will be drawing rules heavily from Starport Scum, a modular game which fluidly transitions from the tabletop to theater of the mind and back again. Wargames have always felt more malleable to houserules and Starport Scum is very flexible. Referee emulation will come from many tabletop & wargame books in my library. When I’m not quite sure which book to use, then we will turn to the Mythic Gamemaster Emulator. If you read the write-up of Frisch Subsector you will see where I mashed together three different subsector generation systems.

I’ve put together a Resources section and a Universe section to hopefully cut down on repeated references to info. I apologize for the dust for the last few weeks but hopefully this year will leave us with less Osmans and Xeros stuck in their little game worlds because I wanted to experiment with another rule or idea that felt out-of-sync with a singular rule system.

January 30, 2024 · Season 1 · Updates · Setup

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