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While the setting of the Original Traveller Universe” has never quite caught my eye, the beautiful map of Known Space” at https://travellermap.com has. With this series I intend to give a recently mustered out navy captain, Aron Xavier”, a 150-ton Jump-1 ship and have them explore them map. I will use this as an oppurtunity to learn more about a setting I only know the broad stokes of.

Captain Aron Xavier 7CBCB9  
Gun-Combat-2, Jack o'Trades-1, Leadership-3, Piloting-3, Repair-1, Survival-1, Tactics-1, Zero-G-1

Aron starts on Rabanitas in the Zydar Subsector, located in a sector known as The Beyond”. Rabanitas is part of the Comsentient Alliance and I imagine that Aron served as a member of the local planetary navy. Aron served from the ages of 18 to 38 and had a successful run of promotions that allowed him to leave with the title of Captain. For character and ship creation I’m using the rules from Cepheus Light rather than my 1981 edition Traveller books because I find them easier to look at (but also beacuse I loathe cascade skills”.)

Light Cargo Merchant 150-ton, 6, M2, J1, 1 double turret (2x Beam Lasers 1D)

Aron’s ship has an armor rating of 6, Thurst-2, Jump-1, and has a pair of turreted Beam Lasers. It has enough fuel to make two jumps before refueling and carries it is own fuel scoop and processor for refining fuel from gas giants. There’s space in the bridge for another crew member. There are two staterooms and a common room. The remaining 45 tons have been allocated to the cargo bay.

I did generate a few other perspective crew members, they’ll be introduced when appropriate. As usual, I’ll be using Zozer Game’s SOLO to assist in running the game but I also have a number of house systems” I use to run a solo Traveller game. Finally, I’ll not be interweaving the mechanics into the summary of events. You are welcome to reach out and ask how certain results came about though. Logging the mechanics, their meaning, and crafting a readable summary of those things together is incredibly time consuming.

1105, Week 1, Rabanitas 0122, Zydar Subsector, The Beyond


Aron Xavier, former navy Captain, arrives at a retirement” party in his honor. After the open bar closed, Aron dropped another Cr600 on spirits & food for the party goers. At the party, Aron meets local system Councilor Sophie Rose who is looking for passage to Farhaven. The two find themselves talking all night like old friends and Aron offers her passage on his ship, The Lucky Hand.

Councilor (Colonist) Sophie Rose, 677D86
Admin-1, Carousing-1, Computer-2, Jack o' Trades-3, Liaison-1, Repair-2, Survival-1

Before leaving port, Aron purchases 20t of Basic Consumable Goods” for Cr10000. The cargo is inspected closely by Starport Security. Security is higher than normal due to a recent facility explosion that authorities are still investigating the causes of.

With Sophie on board, Aron request departure clearance and the pair are away. With Aron’s older Jump-1 engine, it is a three-jump trip. First they’ll head to Station Two and make a fuel scooping run. Once refueled, they’l make two more jumps to Farhaven. In-between is a bit of empty space and thought of being stranded there certainly has Aron nervous.

While trying to put some distance between Rabanitas’ gravitational field and The Lucky Hand, Aron receives a hail from a small craft.

This is the research vessel Indigo Goose. Require assistance with subduing a crew member.”

Aron pauses to consider the situation. He’s certainly armed and trained for such matters. Feeling a sense of duty, as Aron has not fully split his mind from his former career, he radios back.

This is Captain Aron Xavier, I can assist. I’m bringing my vessel alongside for docking. I’d like someone to brief me on the conditions upon my arrival.”

Of course, Captain. Our first science officer, Marius Kala can bring you up to speed.”

The docking maneuver goes smoothly and Aron is relieved to find that the airlocks are compatible; traversing the plastic tube walkway is always a bit disconcerting.

Aron walks Sophie through using the comms systems on The Lucky Hand. I’ll hopefully just be a few moments Miss Rose but should anything go wrong you will at least know how to ask for help.”

I’m a quick study when it comes to computers, Captain.” notes Sophie who has already moved on to inspecting other components of The Lucky Hands digital systems.

Removing his Zero-G helmet Aron notices the recycled air smells pristine. A young man in armor that seems ill-fitted to their body meets Aron on the other side of the airlock.

Marius, Sir. We’ve got a crewmember who is having a reaction to some samples we picked up on Demimonde. We managed to trap them in the engineering section but… we ran out of tranq darts before we could bring them down.”

Ran out?” Aron raises an eyebrow.

Uhh… tracking and hitting a moving target is not really our area of expertise?”

Aron nodes and returns a comforting smile. That’s fine, son. Why don’t we collect what darts we can reuse and I’ll want to see the deck plans for this bucket.”

What’s this panel here, Captain Abassi?” Aron points to a spot on the deck plans.

…that would, yes that would get you in there.” says a unkempt and weathered looking person.

Aron crawls through the insides of the ship until he comes to panel, 86B. Using a multi-tool he quietly removes the panel’s securing bolts. He slides the panel off to the side, just enough to climb through. Readying the tranq gun, he aims it at a person frantically interacting with the controls of the engineering room.

Mr. Ghassaan, your friends are worried about you.”

Ghassaan turns and before he can open his mouth, Aron shoots him in the chest with the dart.

And Captain Abassi gave you this contact?” asks Sophie.

‘Bernadine Thisam, a government official on Farhaven’ is what he said.”

Well, I’ve never heard of her.”

You’ve met and interacted with every member of the Farhaven government?”

Of course not.”

I don’t have many contacts in the universe and I’ll take this Captain’s word over my empty datapad.”

November 13, 2020 · Traveller · Zozer SOLO · Aron

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