Season 1 - Setup

Regular readers will have noticed some changes as I have archived most of the past content. My goal for this year is to stick to one universe, ideally one subsector, but maybe not one character, and not necessarily the same ruleset or procedures.

I play in a number of group games where I can enjoy system mastery but the real joy of solitaire play for me is that I can play ALL the books”. Want to use the task system from one game but the encounter procedure from another? Sure!

So, what’s the plan for 2024? We’ll start off in the Frisch Subsector where we will meet Colfer Lanx. One change for this year is I will be writing the recaps up from the first person perspective of the character. I’ve found this leads to more natural roleplay and I’m spending less time worrying about the recap text and enjoying play. Another change will be trying to limit how much world building I am doing up-front and letting more details emerge from play. I have a natural desire to world-build (and prep is play!) but I need to put some guardrails on that otherwise it tends to complicate the games later on.

To start this year, I will be drawing rules heavily from Starport Scum, a modular game which fluidly transitions from the tabletop to theater of the mind and back again. Wargames have always felt more malleable to houserules and Starport Scum is very flexible. Referee emulation will come from many tabletop & wargame books in my library. When I’m not quite sure which book to use, then we will turn to the Mythic Gamemaster Emulator. If you read the write-up of Frisch Subsector you will see where I mashed together three different subsector generation systems.

I’ve put together a Resources section and a Universe section to hopefully cut down on repeated references to info. I apologize for the dust for the last few weeks but hopefully this year will leave us with less Osmans and Xeros stuck in their little game worlds because I wanted to experiment with another rule or idea that felt out-of-sync with a singular rule system.

January 30, 2024 · Season 1 · Updates · Setup

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