Season 1 - Episode 2

029-3128, In-Route to Tisan

Rubbing my eyes, I awake from a brief nap while we are in transit to the Tisan system. I look across the ship system’s readouts and everything is normal.

My dreams did not produce a solution to getting past the potential blockade on Lanphin-4. Last week my Bounty Hunters’ Guild license would have opened this particular door but the revoked” status is likely to raise some eyebrows.

I look over at Britney who is wide awake and reading something on her digipad.

Don’t suppose you have some kinda of clearance to visit the installation on Lanphin-4?”

Will we need that?”

Never know who is looking closely at what ships are coming and going.”

She looks thoughtful and says I don’t think I have the proper clearance for that. My co-workers collect the data and I analyze it. Off-world.”

No problem. We will find a way down to the surface.” Big problem, I say quietly to myself. I unstrap and head out of the cockpit. I look back and say If any of the lights on those panel start flashing, hit this comm button and tell me.”

I head back to the cabin areas and rummage through the various items I’ve collected over the years. A work jump suit catches my eye and I pull it out. I laugh as I look at the logo patch on the chest pocket: Universal Investments”. I stole this to pose as a UI repair worker on Lidbi. Won’t exactly get us off a corvette’s scanner but might save our bacon if we are boarded. I change into the work jump suit and head to the kitchen.

After I rehydrate some food, I bring it up to the cockpit. Hungry?”

She looks up and her eyes drawn to the jump suit’s logo How?!”

It pays to keep junk around sometimes” I say as I slide back into my seat. We will have to play the emergency card. Distress signal, urgent repairs, maybe the proper authorization hasn’t come through yet, no time to talk, blah blah blah.”

030-3128, Arriving at Tisan

The navigation arrival warning sounds and as my ship comes out of its displacement field I check the radar for nearby contacts. Sure enough a patrol ship is in-position to intercept vessels trying to access Lanphin-4. Might as well play it straight.

Hailing Tisan Patrol, this is Captain Lanx of the Swift Rendition. We are on an emergency mission to assist Universal Investments personnel from Olympus Station on Lanphin-4.”

Acknowledged. Please establish a holding pattern while check arrival authorizations.”

This is an emergency situation and I have instructions to immediately assist surviving personnel. Can we work through the proper records after personnel are secured?”

I listen to a moment of static before the patrol ship gives me the OK to proceed to surface. They’ll let us through but getting out is going to be another matter.

Britney pats me on the back Nicely done. You led with the truth for once.”

I raise an eyebrow. Have I lied to you yet?”

If you were a Bounty Hunter, wouldn’t you have broadcast your credentials? Easier than this emergency business.”

It is… possible my license needs renewal.”

She nods and peers out the window as we head down towards the surface of Lanphin-4.

Speaking of lies. Your friends down here don’t happen to have a bunch of symbolic tattoos or like to beam out resistance propaganda on weekends?” I will probably regret tossing this information in her face.


This moon has been flagged for rebel activity.”

Britney looks shocked. What? What’s happened?”

Maybe your friends were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t know, it is all over the system bulletin though.”

I punch in the coordinates Britney gave me for Olympus Station and start the arrival pattern. My mood shifts from get it done” to oh, damn” the instant I see a prone body outside a breached wall of the station near the landing pad. I bank the ship slight to obscure this gruesome scene from my passenger’s point of view.

You, uh, up for this? Who knows what we are walking into.” I ask Britney.

No, not at all. I don’t have any field training. I sit behind a desk.”

I nod and walk her back to the cargo bay where I keep the vacc suits. How about one of these, ever use one?”

Sure, I grew up with very little atmosphere.” she says as she comfortably figures out the differences between the suits she grew up with and mine.

030-3128, Lanphin-4 (moon in the Tisan System), Olympus Station

The ship must have attracted attention because the moment I open the ramp, there’s a couple of folks in vacc suits pointing guns at me.

So, these aren’t your friends?” I quip to Britney who is not interested in my deflection of the urgency of the situation. I hold up my hands and we are led into the interior of the blasted out station.

The inner walls are scarred by gunfire and gaps in the ceilings expose hanging electrical wires. Eventually we cross into a section of the station that appears to be un-breached and has life support.

We come to a door that has the symbol universally recognized as medical” and walk through. This room is clearly on emergency power but appears functional. A few folks are laying on tables and one table has an individual tending to someone’s wounds.

I eye a group of folks in a corner who appear uninjured but are being held at gunpoint.

The sound of laughter cuts through the tension as a lanky person wearing a crisp uniform walks in and towards in. They open the visor on my helmet. The air is heavy with sweat and blood. They jab a finger into my forehead. Welcome cowboy, sadly you are too late to save this operation.”

Actually, I’m just here to adjust the air conditioning. I got a maintenance report that it was too cold.” I have a feeling my smart ass remarks are going to get me shot, so I stop there. I turn my head slightly and I can see that Britney is standing besides me, shellshocked.

It is indeed very cold in here, I might have left a window open.” The tall person walks around surveying the room. Well, my friend… you are either very stupid or very bold to come here.”

I hold my tongue. I hear Britney speak up through her helmet What’s going on here exactly?”

That’s what I’d like to find out about you two.” they say as they hold up a finger and motion for one of their guards to come over. Next thing I know I’ve been separated from Britney, I’m handcuffed, and sitting in a room staring at the ceiling. How the hell did I get myself into this mess?

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