Season 1 - Episode 4

033-3128, In-Route to Azain

So, what made you become a scientist?” I ask Britney while my starship is in transit to the pickup on Azain.

It wasn’t by choice. Universal Investments came in to provide security to our planet during an uprising and my family was given a choice: send someone to work for UI under contract or leave the planet.”

Damn, that’s rough I think. You see your family often?”

UI let us make video calls. They seem taken care of.”

I hear the usual exit displacement field alarm sounding off and refocus my attention on the ship’s sensor readouts.

A few blips on the radar but nothing stands out. I set a course for Azain and review the instructions Clay gave us on picking up the cargo.

Somehow my attention misses a starship quickly closing distance on me and I’m surprised when the proximity alarm goes off. A round of gun fire disables the missile system on my ship. Britney yelps.

I quickly adjust the trajectory of the ship and try to get in behind the assailant but it is clear their ship is faster than mine. I open near-space comms channel What’s the idea, pal? I am not carrying any cargo so there’s little to gain from blowing me out of the sky.”

Here’s how this will work, you might remember, I can bring you in alive or dead.”

Bounty hunter. Damn.

How many people have you pissed off?” asks Britney who looks more alert than shaken.

I wave Britney off and reopen the comms channel Hunter to Hunter, mind explaining what this contract is about?”

Ex-hunter, right? The regional government of Umas has put a bounty on you for failure to pay environmental damages.”

Oh, technically that’s a Guild problem, no?”

The Guild has denied any knowledge of authorizing you for service on Umas.”

Seriously? What jerks. I think through my options. Disabling my missile system off the start was smart given that their ship is faster than mine. It is going to be hard to get in close.

I decide to take my chances in a nearby belt of minor asteroids and planetoids.

Thank the stars I managed to get in close to an asteroid before the hunter can acquire a lock-on.

We are doing this then?” I hear over the ship-to-ship comm channel.

If I thought there would be a fair evaluation of the facts in this matter, I’d come in and we’d work something out. The Guild disavowing knowledge of me suggests otherwise. Could happen to you next.”

Suddenly the hunter ship is slowing their pace. Everything okay out there?” I ask over the comms.

The code says a Hunter never slays another Hunter and that no Hunter shall refuse aid to another Hunter. It sounds like the facts in this acquisition are in dispute, I will report our contact to the Guild and defer to them on this matter.”

I thank the stars for even a temporary reprieve. Obviously the Guild is not going to go to bat for me here but at least this Hunter has some manners.

Much obliged. What do I call you?”

Callsign is Ironclad of House Thorn. My friends call me Juro.”

I catch a smirk from Britney out of the corner of my eye. This is serious stuff. Sorry Scientists don’t get cool nicknames.”

Thank you, Juro. Give your House my blessings.”

The connection goes dead and we don’t run into further trouble securing a docking bay on Azain.

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February 7, 2024 · Season 1 · Episodes · Colfer Lanx · Britney Knox · Azain

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