Solitaire Gaming From the Future


A collection of log entries from the occupants of a space station registered as Station Post 79”. Post 79 is owned by Wu-Ketai Industries and orbits the garden world of Amate. It is considered a class B” starport from those who partake in her services.

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  • Captain Isolde Tolla, the station’s Commanding Officer. Served 7 tours of duty in the Navy and retired honorably with the rank of Commander before joining Wu-Ketai Industries’ Merchant Support Services. Awarded the Medal of Honor for her service in rimward territories where she was a major leader over an 8 year period of war.
  • Bernhardt Bernie” Ingeborg, the station’s head of starship mainteance operations.
  • Pauline Zbyna, the station’s dock-master and an accomplished pilot.
  • Dr. Jarmil Draha, the station’s head of medicine.
  • Viola Irca, medical technician

Other Characters

  • Joseph Wu, CEO Wu-Ketai Industries
  • Nils Mandek, owner of the Penitent Woman and regional folk hero for his piracy efforts that target the rich

What am I reading?

These are short journal entires written from the perspective of Captain Isolde Tolla. They are written by summarizing the events generated from playing Zozer Game’s SOLO. Additional material comes from Cepheus Light, Classic Traveller, 1542 NPC Names, and the Universal NPC Emulator.