The Freewinds is a 200 ton Prosperity Class Yacht. The owner, Niobe Ferran, is a 38 year old debutant from an upper-class family. Niobe owns 50% of the ship outright and is paying off the remaining MCr43 of the mortgage by carrying passengers. The Freewinds has 4 High Passage staterooms that are available for booking. The rooms will be booked out as Mid-tier passage if necessary. Niobe hired a former professor, Laurent Nire, to be the ship’s Captain and Engineer. The ship’s pilot, Cassus Aler, hooked up with Niobe while Cassus’s pirating outfit had boarded the pleasure vessel Niobe had been on. When Niobe inherited the ship Cassus was the first person that popped into mind who could pilot such a vessel. Jana Colley is the ship’s Medic and Steward. Rounded out things is Benjoe Jackson, the ship’s gunner and all-around handy man. The Freewinds tries to avoid conflict but if necessary has a turreted missile rack and a double pulse laser turret for self-defense. Niobe isn’t really sure what to do with the Prosperity after paying off the mortgage but enjoys meeting new people and hearing rumors about the happenings in the Araronus Reaches (commonly referred to as The Reaches” in these parts).


Today the Freewinds is carrying 4 passengers from the Savaerroia system to the Labcar system and is in the middle of a 2-parsec jump at position 1709. Additionally it is carrying 1 ton of approximately 50 private parcels. Both Labcar and Saverroia are independent systems and have stayed out of the conflicts that have occasionally broken out between the neighboring Minbopara and Utjarr Order. Ladcar, Saverroia, and 7 other systems make up something of neutral zone” that has tried to foster trade and keep tempers from flaring up between the various factions in the Beta Quadrant of the Reaches.


I spent most of a day dealing with maintenance of the ship’s water recycling systems. The journey to Labcar has been otherwise uneventful.

GM Notes

February 5, 2020 · Campaigns · Araronus Reaches · Episodes

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