Early retirement from the Imperial High Command has its benefits… and complications.

Darven Harrak sat at his desk aboard the Pathfinder and tapped upon his datapad. The Pathfinder was a newly minted starship disguised as a typical scouting vessel but destined for clandestine missions. It needed a crew and Darven was struggling to find an engineer and pilot who wouldn’t mind getting their hands dirty in other operations. Currently the only other crew member, K-4K2, was a KX-series droid that the Imperials had begrudgingly parted with as a gift for Darven when he retired from the Imperial High Command.

Darven had spent 36 years in the naval services. Originally Darven had received a commission in the Brentaal’s Planetary Navy but was quickly promoted to an Analyst in the Coruscant Home Defense Fleet’s Naval Intelligence Services to assist in finding new Astrogation routes and Hyperspace Interdiction techniques. Darven’s reputation in Astrogation research had roots in his University studies where he’d famously debunked a newly hired professor’s published research. Darven had taken the lead on optimizing planning for Naval Hyperspace Interdiction operations and eventually found himself in the High Command of then Imperial military after serving through the tumultuous years of the Separatist Crisis and Clone Wars.

The transition from Republic to the Galactic Empire hadn’t concerned Darven terribly much. Things had become needlessly bogged down in the Senate and at least from Darven’s perspective operations were running much more smoothly. Lord Vader had been a concern, mostly because he seemed to operate with a mandate that was being directed from outside the normal chain of command. More troubling was that after a while Darven found it difficult to receive promotions. These days it seemed like the promotions were politically motivated and often overlooked those who had served faithfully during the Republic years.

When an offer for early retirement came up that included start-up funds to develop an independent intelligence operation, Darven jumped at the chance to be his own boss. Not only had the Imperials thrown in start up money but had promised to be Darven’s first client. They had also helped accelerate the process of getting a new ship built from the Kuat Shipyards.

Now, Darven needed to round out his crew and get started on his first job from the Imperial High Command. This one had a personal angle: newly acquired information that might lead to the whereabouts of a Force-sensitive fugitive who had previously captured Darven during an Intelligence operation. Darven had been rendered unconscious with a Force mind probe and had his intelligence data taken from him. While the data was likely of little use now, hunting down anyone who could have ties to the Jedi was of paramount importance to the Empire and Darven was all to happy to oblige.

GM Notes

This storyline and main character is the result of nothing more than your bogstandard Traveller character creation mini-game aided by a heavily reskinned Star Wars Career ruleset created by Bill Ropert. I fleshed out the resulting life events using some random tables and general awareness of the Star Wars universe. The goal is to play a mostly sandbox-driven game and dance around major Star Wars canon. Zozer’s SOLO game engine will mostly drive the encounters and outcomes. Where necessary standard Traveller rules and the Mythic Game Master Emulator will fill in the gaps.

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