An old rival reaches out to Darven with a curious offer of assistance.

The striking image of Imperial Navy Admiral Gar Waldell flickered on the Pathfinders holoprojector. Tall with white hair and a cybernetic right eye courtesy of a failed rescue attempt at the hands of then Ensign Darven Harrak. Both had served in Brentaal’s Planetary Navy and during what would have been a routine resupply operation, Darven had rescued Gar. While Darven had only sustained light injuries, Gar lost his right eye and blamed Darven for the loss.

I hear you are looking for crew members for your… operation.” sneers Gar.

You still have your little birds do you, Gar? Indeed, I’m in need of a pilot and engineer most immediately.” says Darven.

Gar shifts his stance as if he’s almost bored with this conversation.

I’m transmitting a data file, with a young man’s credentials on it. I owe this man a favor. He was helming one of our interdictor cruisers and has a knack for astrogation as well. He was a hot shot fighter pilot before that. More than capable of piloting your scout vessel.”

…and why me, Gar? I don’t think you owe me any favors.” asks Darven.

On the contrary, Darven. You saw an opportunity to save my life, now it is my duty to pay it forward. I heard you had some recruitment troubles and this is my way of helping. See?”

Gar leans forward and his cybernetic eye nearly dominates the focus of the holocam’s field of view.

Ok, Gar. I take a look. Thank you.” says Darven as he thumbs through the file on his datapad.

Gar’s holo image flickers out but Darven still feels like he’s being watched from afar. He glances around the bridge of the Pathfinder, taking stock of the various components. When the ship was being constructed, Darven had taken his own measures to ensure no Imperial surveillance devices had been thoughtfully added to the ship’s manifest.

Darven turned back to his datapad. Tulan Dain, Human, Age 34. Imperial Navy, Flight Branch. Discharged.” Tulan’s aptitude tests were all above board though he had been denied entry to the Military Academy but he had stuck with it and choose to enlist voluntarily. Or perhaps, life had forced him to - you could never tell just by looking at a file. He was on Fondor currently which was not entirely inconvenient to Darven’s purposes. Fondor had several ship yards and research facilities — places Darven had contacts and maybe could find the last piece to his crew puzzle.

K-ForkTwo, begin your calculations for a course to Fondor.” commanded Darven.

K-4K2 turns his head and acknowledges Darven.

Yes, Vice Admiral Harrak.”

… Just Captain Harrak, K-4.”

Understood. I’m warming up the hyperdrive now.”

Minutes later the stars zoom past.


The ship’s hyperspace computer alarm makes a two-tone alarm sound that wakes Darven from his nap.

Captain Darven, we appear to have an issue with our hyperdrive. It will require realigning the primary hyperdrive motivator.” noted K-4K2.

Darven poured himself a cup of caf and cursed the engineers who had installed the hyperdrive. He and K-4K2 made their way to the hyperdrive and began the necessary repairs.

Interesting. K-4K2 hand me that duraplastic tachyon capacitor.” says Darven as he delves further into the workings of his hyperspace drive. I think I can help us make up for lost time.”


Traffic arriving into Fondor & Fondor Station is heavy. Mostly military craft but there is one personal transport that stands out on the scanner. Darven looks at the sensor readings and decides they are harmless. Darven contacts Fondor Station and requests docking clearance.

Darven picks up his datapad and glances at his weapons closet. He knows it is of no use, they won’t be allowed on station but his mind is always running through the contingencies checklist.

K-4K2, bring us in to docking bay C-5422 and secure the ship. I have some business to attend to and should back in a few hours.”

GM Notes

Once again, we are still building our story off of events from Traveller’s life path character creation process. It is amazing how much rollplay can come just from this initial process alone.

I did do an Astrogation check for the trip to Fondor since it involved some 28 microjumps in sequence to take the most optimal route. I then followed Jumping from World to World” turn sequence specified on page 53 of Zozer’s SOLO starting at step 5 as the previous steps were not relevant to my situation.

Onboard Event #26 26 Jump field misaligning, requires spot retuning of the drive, very dangerous.”

While Hyperdrives work rather differently than Traveller’s Jump drive, I decided that this event was a good time to test out SOLOs Plan mechanic to fix. Darven and K-4K2 are both skilled with mechanics repair so this strikes me as a Solid & Safe Plan. 8+ difficulty. Neither Darven or K-4K2 are significantly skilled” in Mechanics, so I do a straight 2d6 roll and get an 9. Rolling for a consequence we get an 11, and so a good consequence is presented to us: discover a valuable piece of information. I figured with Darven’s background he finds a way to eek another .2 improvement out of the hyperdrive while they are fixing it.

Roll each PCs Reaction table. K-4K2: I call this a 5+ as the droid doesn’t have a personality module installed.

Roll Starship Encounter (arriving) - Special, Personal Transport. Reaction - ignored.

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