Solitaire Gaming From the Future

Into the Void, Episode 1

Into the Void, Season 1, Episode 1


  • Phoebe Emtia, Magnan Scout Pilot
  • Rubin Alpha, Magnan Scout Courier
  • Turick Chi, Lavevean Wilder

A solo roleplaying campaign using SOLO, published by Zozer Games and written by Paul Elliott. The setting is based on Somnium Void, published by Trollish Delver Games and written by Scott Malthouse. Additional solo roleplaying tools from Tana Pigeon of Word Mill Games.

Dirtside on Laveve in the Isedmale System

  • We start In Medias Res” as SOLO recommends. A botched courier job due to local complications means the crew has to get off-planet and fast. Local gang members are looking for their ship after it was used to rescue a crew member. Complicating matters, one of the crew members, Rubin, has been ordered to return home to Magna and enlist in the army by the newly appointed Prime Minister. But the crew has learned information that puts the new Magnan government in a bad light and Rubin does not want to join their expanding war effort. Instead, the crew plans to defect and find some way to remove the new leadership from power.
  • Plan: Before our crew takes off, they want to override the electronics on their courier scout vessel, so they can avoid being tracked and controlled by the Magnan Empire whom they are defecting from.
  • Phoebe and Rubin are both experienced with electronics and this has been their” ship for sometime I figure. They are not under attack but they are under threat of being found by the local gang. So their plan is shaky” and dangerous. They bring significant skill” to the table but not any particularly useful piece of kit.
  • The Plan succeed (2d6+1: [4, 5]+1 = 10) and there was a good consequence.
  • Suggested consequence: Make a Contact or friend

Two figures are working on the innards of spaceships. Tools hit the metal floor with a clank, occasionally an electrical spark flares out from the ship’s panels, and the two figures are having a lively argument.

Phoebe, no… no… we need to reverse the auxiliary comm-spool first.”

Rubin, I know this ship. She’s my baby. I’m going to isolate the quantum core first otherwise we’ll blow the comms systems’ capacitors.”

More sparks but this time the lights go out.

Ahh, you were right! This is better because when they board us they’ll trip over something and knock themselves out.” quips Rubin.

If you’d like to stay on world and hide, I’ll happily let you off the ship. Now I’ve confined the quantum core and if I just…” The lights flicker back on.

Well, then we should get this grease off of us. Wanna shower?” says a half-joking Rubin.

Gross. I’m good, thanks. I’m going to calibrate the quantum cells and then patch the sensor back in.”

  • Onboard Event: Injury, Who? 1d3: [1] Rubin
  • Tell me more (Situation): We’re good.”
  • Avoid Bad Crew Reaction Throw 8+: (4,4) = 8

Feeling better, Rubin?” says Phoebe who looks up from a computer screen.

Rubin, is wearing an orange courier jacket and blue pants with a grey stripe running down the side.

Yeah… fine.” Rubin rubs his hands over his face and feels the spot where he cut himself shaving. He stares out one of the ship’s windows and takes in the barren desert landscape that surrounds them.

I think I found us a route back to the Gamma System that should avoid any Sketh patrols.”


Yeah, we might find some allies there. It is worth trying, don’t you think?”

Ok. That’s not a bad idea.”

Rubin paces around the bridge. Where’s Turick? Meditating? Counting beads?”

I think he’s in his room.”

Phoebe moves to take over the ship’s steering controls. Rubin wanders back to the crew quarters and looks in on Turick.

Ever been to Dust?” asks Rubin.

A planet? I am not familiar with it.” Turick says softly.

It is like here, only wilder. You said you never met a Sketh, huh?” wonders Rubin.

No, I would remember meeting a alien like the one you described.”

Well, they run the Gamma System but they’ve turned a blind eye to Dust. There’s a few Sketh there… crime bosses and the like.”

You have friends on Dust? Friends, that can help?”

A few between me and Pheebs. We can buy some time there until we figure out what we are dealing with.”

The ship rumbles slightly as it takes off. Outside the ship, as the dust clears away, it is notable that the hull has no official markings on it.