Solitaire Gaming From the Future

Into the Void, Episode 3

Into the Void, Season 1, Episode 3

Previously on Into the Void: Phoebe’s modifications of the scout ship have led to a few incidents that caused Rubin to question their safety but Phoebe pulled rank and Rubin fell inline. Later while restowing fallen cargo due to mechanical issues when exiting jumpspace, Rubin discovered a crate of unstable Way crystals that could be used as an improvised explosive device.

Jumpspace, Leg 2 of 2 to the Gamma System

  • On-Board Event: Typical trip, with highs and lows.
  • Avoid Bad Crew Reaction Throw 8+: (6,6)+0 = 12
  • Ship Encounter exiting Jumpspace: None

And that’s how you win Olinka, BAM.” Rubin slams down his assortment of stones”.

Yes, Rubin. Well done. The student has become the master.” says Turick.

I’m still not sure I understand why the light stones have to be knocked out of the ring but that was fun. I need to go prep for arrival.” Phoebe turns and makes her way back to the bridge.

Have you reconsidered your intention to misuse the crystals?” Turick asks Rubin.

Misuse… I mean they are weapons are not? I’d think we are using them as described in the manual.”

They are not inherently weapons. You may cause the loss of innocent life with your plans. I am urging you to rethink the matter.”

Turick, our new government is sending people needlessly to a war they have manufactured. They were enslaving your people. The innocents are already caught up in this mess.”

There is always another path.”

Take it up with the commander.”

Ariving Dust, Gamma System

  • Ship Encounter approaching Dust: None
  • Dust Starport Encounter: Find a great hang-out/bar/cafe/restaurant at the port. Perfect for hiding away, making deals or wooing someone.
  • Cantina Encounter: Group of rowdy off-duty starport employees antagonize patrons
  • Meet an old friend: Success!
  • Contact (Person of Interest): Sepp Eporr
    • Motive: Hatred, to ruin and destroy a hated enemy
    • Capability: Money, being able to buy off problems (Source: Family, who provide it to the NPC)
    • Opportunity: An opportunity that was supposed to go to them has been withdrawn due to their persecutors
    • Connection: Past deeds
    • Visual Trait: Missing a hand or arm
    • Initial Interaction: Suspicious or wary of the PCs
    • General Interaction: Talks about the place they’re meeting at
  • Patron Mission: Spy on a Location, Target: Money or Bonds

I like the grub here, the Axel Fries are a treat.” says a large, bulky Cthoni who has a noticeably robotic hand and a distinctive set of tentacles that undulate from their chin.”

Thanks for meeting with us, Sepp. We haven’t uh seen you since…” says Phoebe before being cut-off by Rubin.

…those delivery runs to Dagles! What a hoot! Good times.”

Yes, that’s where I lost my hand. Very touching of you to remember.”

Phoebe nudges herself back into the front of the conversation Yes. That was unfortunate, though I imagine that one is a bit of an upgrade right?”

I don’t have problems opening jars anymore.”

Well good, there you go.” interjects Rubin once more.

Rubin, get us a round why don’t you.” Phoebe slides him some cred sticks.

How can I help you, Phoebe? You know I’m not really connected to the courier world anymore, I doubt I can be of much use to you.”

Well, neither are we. It is possible we’re here with a stolen Magnan courier ship and a couple of AWOL labels on our IDents.”

Sepp leans forward Shit, Phoebe. What happened?”

Janne Zuzka.”

The new Prime Minister? What do they have to do with you?”

They are running a scam right out of the Primum Palace. The war with the Novorians is a setup. It is a branding cash grab for their nested tangle of family businesses.”

Doesn’t really seem like a matter for a courier, Phoebe.”

They conscripted Rubin into the Army. Our last scout mission went sideways and we were helped out by someone who has been persecuted by the Magnans… surely you can appreciate that?”

Sepp nods and lowers his head. I just lost a contract with someone who had disparaged the Octonoriat. Folks in the Dust do not appreciate the old ways.”

Maybe we can help each other out? Rubin and I need some credit flow.”

Possibly. I would like to return… a favor… to the one who has shamed my Gods. Perhaps you can help me fill in some of the blanks on their place of business.”

Sepp punches a few details into his data pad, removes a data stick, and slides it over.

Thanks. We’ll be in touch. Speaking of which… where’s…” Phoebe trails off and she sees Rubin in a heated argument with a table of Starport cargo dock workers.

You’ll have to keep him inline if you are going to make it out here.” Sepp says to Phoebe.

Yeah, yeah yeah. Shit. It was nice catching up.”

Sure, any excuse for fries.”