Oberon, Episode 1


The ship’s pilot, Oliver Detlef is missing on the planet of Cequ.

No luck?” asks Angelika.

Not a soul has seen him in town but I don’t think the locals really want to help us.” Havlik explains. The water sprays up into the air a bit as Dieter pulls up in an air-raft.

Dieter brings the vehicle to a stop and says I’ve got a lead. A merchant tells me they saw Oliver mixed up with some locals at a bar the night before. These folks are some sort of religious group here that worship the beasts we are being paid to transport offworld. I’m told they’ve got compound out west of here.”

Gear up then, let’s go get our boy.” says Havlik.

Wait.” says Illona as she steps down from the Oberon’s starship ramp. There’s no need for that. We’ve got credits and we’ve got brains. Let’s use them.”

Oliver is being held in an underground bunker attached to the compound used by the animal worshiping religious cult. Our crew has combat capabilities but not much in the way of stealth. We could use our Recon skills and determine the forces at the compound to tilt the firefight into the group’s favor but we could also choose a less lethal route: negotiations. Illona has Liaison-4 and Carousing-3. Let’s see if we can buy/barter our crew member back. So the Plan is to send Illona and support team over in the air raft and find a plan that works to both sides’ needs. Let’s say +1 for Illona’s Liaison skill and +1 for the credits the team can spend. It is a solid plan but dangerous because negotiations could fail and a firefight breaks out.

Cequ Starport, Week 1, Y29 ABY

Roll for Starport Encounter: Fire alarm keeps going off — everyone is jumpy and nervous. Tell me More Situation roll: We’re good. False alarms then.
Law Level Check (Cequ’s is 6) 7+ 2d6: [1, 6] = 7 - no issues

80000 credits?!” shouts Ulrich as he works to finish up a medical check on Oliver.

It could’ve been much worse, Ulrich. 80000 is nothing for one of the best pilots in the sector.” says Illona. Plus it was worth it to see how put out Ange and Hav were at not being able to blow up everything in sight.”

You’re good to go, Oliver.” Ulrich turns away and packs up his medkit.

Those folks said our cargo is an endangered species on this planet.” says Oliver.

Sounds like our price for delivery just went way up then.” says Illona.

I can’t imagine the entire crew being okay with profiting off an endangered species. Seems like an appropriate time to do what Solo calls an In-Game Reaction Roll 8+ on 2d6: [2, 4] = 6. Someone in the crew has a bad reaction to Illona’s plan: Stubborn - A choice has been made and the PC does not like it. Naturally it seems like Oliver would object. Oliver’s homeworld was an agricultural planet where he gained some skill at handling Animals. Additionally Oliver could’ve been perusaded by his captors that they were just doing the right thing (and they may be!)

Oliver shakes his head in disagreement …or the deal is off and we can leave these creatures with people who will take care of them. Who are we even dealing with, Illona? Why do they need these creatures?”

We don’t ask, Oliver. That’s the deal, it has always been. We take the job and we don’t ask questions.”

That’s a load of Lakshmi and you know it, Illona. You get to ask the questions and we’re left in the dark.” Oliver storms off to his crew quarters.

A fire alarm rings out outside the Oberon. Angelika instinctively readies her weapon but quickly returns it. It is the 4th time the alarm has gone off in the last hour. The crew finishes their departure checks and Illona slides into the pilot seat to lay in the next course.

GM Notes

Starting a new Traveller campaign in a homemade subsector. Trying to keep it simple and play Rules as Written” using Cepheus Light, Solo, and various other tools as needed. I rolled up a crew of 6 - one of the largest groups I’ve ever tried to run. I kept going because it was one of those odd times the dice were generally in my favor and not a single character died in Traveller’s famously lethal character creation. Some background oracle-type rolls determined which system we started in and I used Solo’s In Media Res” oracle to give our group an initial problem to solve. My nature is to heavily hack and alter any system I come across but I’m going to fight that tooth-and-nail this time and just play things as close to out-of-the-box as possible. I’m also starting relatively small for me - rather than generate the entire 4x4 sector - I’ve generated just one subsector. I’ll share out the sector map and character profiles as things start to progress further.

For the ship, I’m borrowing the Far Trader Oberon from Paul Elliott’s solo Traveller campaign Into the Neutral Zone”. I’m coming around on the concept of using as much pre-made material as possible but I frankly can’t imagine using the Third Imperium setting as-is so for now I’ll stick to using a custom subsector.

March 22, 2020 · Traveller · Cepheus Light · Solo · Campaigns · Libra Sector · Episodes

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