Oberon, Episode 2


Leaving Cequ: No ship encounter
Crew Reaction: 2d6: [1, 1] = 2 - Argument with another PC. Oliver and Illona are still going at it. Illona will use her Liaison-4 in place of Leadership at a -2 penalty to settle this. 8+ 2d6+2: [3, 4]+2 = 9
Onboard Event: Fuel pump fails — reactor put on stand-by, something ingested during fuel scooping? Dieter uses his Repair-2 on the fuel pump. (2d6+2: [5, 3]+2 = 10)
Arriving Labiines: Military - Mercenary Cruiser 800, Warn you of an unidentified ship in this system
Starport Encounter: Meet one of your contacts.

It is not right, Illona. We don’t have a right to sell these beasts!”

Oliver, listen up. I am not going to debate this with you. The cargo is the job and we deliver. We do not acquire feelings for the cargo. Now you get back in the pilot’s chair and bring us into port. If you cannot do that I will maroon your ass on the next asteroid.”

Oliver starts to open his mouth and thinks better of it.


The Oberon exits jumpspace with a shudder. Oliver looks over at the systems panel and sees the fuel pump indicator light flashing red. The stars come to a halt outside the viewport.

Oliver opens the ship’s intercom Dieter, can you see to the fuel pump?”

While Dieter is working on the fuel pump the Oberon is hailed by the LSS Baldrin. Far Trader, prepare for scan… Scan complete. Are you having trouble with your maneuver drive? Do you require assistance?”

We’re good, Baldwin, our mechanic is working on it.”

Ok. We would not recommend loitering long. We’ve had reports of an unidentified ship harassing merchants in our system. Please report any sightings at the nearest starport.”

Dieter works (1d6: [1] = 1 hour) fast and in an hour the Oberon is on the move again.

After getting clearance to land in port on Labiines, Illona takes Angelika with her. Let’s go settle the deal. Oliver and Dieter take some well earned leave. You’ve earned it, no one in my crew should be kidnapped but know that we’ll always come for one of us in need. Dieter that was a quick repair and I appreciate it.”

GM Notes

I was kinda surprised that Cepheus Light didn’t have much guidance on starship repair. I did not need a complicated system but a little something would have been helpful. Thankfully the Cepheus Engine SRD did have some repair guidance and it did not seem onerous at all. I might have to pull that bit into the Cepheus Light SRD text to save me some lookup time in the future.

I really love how smoothly the Solo turn sequence flows and bounces storylines off the crew as well as the subsector.

March 28, 2020 · Traveller · Cepheus Light · Solo · Campaigns · Libra Sector · Episodes

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