Oberon, Episode 3


Previous session: Meet with our Contact (Senta)
World Event: Sudden restriction on movement, unless you can find a way to avoid it
Person of Interest - NPC response to PCs asking for more: Offers more, but at a later time

Illona and Angelika sit across from Senta, a humanoid with dark eyes and a scar across his face. They are in the Crescent Moon, one of several bars at the Labiines on-world starport.

Senta drums his fingers on the metal table they are sharing. I will pay you an additional 50% for the creatures given your troubles but I don’t have the credits on me just now. I could get you the money in five weeks.”

Five weeks… and do you have another job for us?”

Mission: Join Expedition (Roll on Patron: Soldier)

I’ve got a group looking for transport onto Atinve.”

One way or round trip?”

One way. They’ve got a fair bit of gear they need to bring and your ship is a good match for their supplies.”


Atinve is restricting visitors right now, some sort of civil war is brewing.”

What’s the payout?”

They’ll pay the standard steerage passage fees for 8 of them, plus the bulk cargo rate for 7 tons of equipment. That includes a Grav Vehicle, btw.”

Sure, we’ve got room for that. So 108KCr…”

They’re also paying 500Cr per day necessary to help them get gear on-world.”

Illona’s users her Liason-4 2d6+4 to negotiate a higher fee: [4, 4]+4 = 12. What’s the effect? Well if we go off the goods purchase table in the Cepheus SRD that’s a 160% increase. Seems extreme for this scenario so let’s cut it in half (80%) and round down slightly.

Tell them we’ll take the job for 190KCr, plus the daily retainer fee. Getting into a restricted zone is not going to be a cakewalk. I need extra to cover any … additional fees… we might incur getting dirtside.”

Ok, I’ll make it happen. Make sure you are ready to depart in two days.”


Starport Event A ship has limped into port this week with damage and crew casualties.

We’re being hailed by another ship” notes Oliver from the bridge.

Ulrich ducks his head in Let’s hear it.”

This is the Oberon, how may we help you?”

Number of dead passengers: (1d4: [2])
Number of injured passengers: (1d6: [3])
Are any of the dead passengers members of the contracted expedition? Mythic Fate Check: 50/50 (9) - No
Are any of the injured passengers members of the contracted expedition? Fate Check: 50/50 (18) - Yes (Exceptional)
Why was the ship damaged/passengers hurt? Mythic Description Meaning: Dimly Warlike

Aye. This is the captain of the Tides of Fortune. I have some passengers that are transferring over to your ship. I have three that will need assistance though, they were badly inured when pirates boarded our vessel.”

Transmit your docking bay info and we’ll send a party over. Oberon out.”

Dieter (Athletics-2, Grav-Vehicle-1) and Ulrich (Medicine-3) head over with the Air Raft to assess how many they can bring back safely or would need immediate triage. I think we’ll just resolve all these med checks and successfully moving folks without hurting them worst a Plan: succeed (2d6+2: [2, 6]+2 = 10) and there was a good consequence. Suggested consequence: Find a useful or valuable piece of kit

Ulrich shakes hands with Eryk Edvard, captain of the expedition team It was no bother, we were glad to lend a hand.”

Eryk and another expedition team member lift a case off the back of the Air Raft. There’s a couple of spare base kits for this mission and we’d like to give you one as thanks for your trouble. Keeping us out of med center and off the radar was a big help to us.”

GM Notes

I felt the need to go outside of the base Solo mechanics in this session to understand the nature of the ship limping into port.” Maybe a few tell me more” rolls would’ve covered it but in my head it was just faster to resolve this with Mythic. I think this is one of the most underrated parts of the Mythic Gamemaster Emulator tools: quickly plugging holes in a system in a way that feels like it is fair.

At the top I pulled in Sine Nomine’s Person of Interest to get a bit more detail about our contact (I did that out of this session so the notes are elsewhere) but I also used to determine their reaction to when our PCs asked for more money because the resolution table was right in front of me. I’m extremely lazy like that.

Also I made some GM fiat decision on intreperting the world event” in that I decided it applied to the next world we would visit for the next job. It added tension to a mission I didn’t really have much in mind for and I think it is a good example of not holding yourself to strongly to rules-as-written” when playing solo. Just do what makes sense or feels right.

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