Campaign Introduction

I’ve created a Star character using the rules in Two Hour Wargames’ 5150 No Limits:

I figure Tylan used to be primarily a New Hope City Private Investigator but is looking to acquire a spaceship and venture out into new lines of work. I also created a Grunt Robot to be Tylan’s partner by using the robot rules in another THW product, Future Tales:

As the game goes on I’ll likely mix in a bit of THWs Private Investigator Sci-Fi rule toolkit, New Hope City PI, as necessary.

At the beginning of this I intend to leave lots of game notes in the italicized blockquote sections to help teach me (and you) the system. I might dial back the detail on these sections once it becomes more familiar.

April, Year 1, New Hope

We start the month by rolling 1d6 for an Involuntary Encounter. 1d6 [4] gives us Chillin’ (with a Friend). A Chillin encounter suggests to me we are looking for a job. 5150 No Limits strongly encourages us to start out on New Hope, a system part of the Gaea Prime Hegemony but not under direct Gaea Prime control. Things run pretty fast and loose on New Hope, a Class 2 planet located in the 3rd of the Nine Rings that make up the 5150 universe.

To start the Chillin Encounter we need a location (“The Stubborn Luck Tavern”), time of day (Night), and the number of Possible Enemy Forces or PEFs (3). 5150 allows to ignore or resolve as many PEFs as we like. There’s a complete set of rules for rolling up PEFs (number of NPCs, species, weapons, Reps, friend/foe, etc) but it feels slightly meta-gamey to know all that upfront before I decide how to deal with them. Perhaps if in the fiction I was actively scouting the area, sure. So for now I’m just going to assume in the story I’m scanning the tavern for threats and I’ll note the number of NPCs, races, and profession. I can figure out the rest as needed. Worth noting that everyone in a Chillin’ Encounter starts out as a Friend” per RAW

Where are we exactly? New Hope, Class 2, Ring 3, Outside Space Port, Law Level 2

Wait outside, SK… I’ll let you know if I see any single Droids looking for a good time.”

Sir, for the 473rd time, I do not have a pleasure circuit.”

Tylan Armak scoffed and walked into the Stubborn Luck Tavern on a surprisingly clear evening for New Hope City’s densely packed populace. The Stubborn Luck was like most taverns near popular spaceports and filled with the usual assortment of the galaxy’s finest. Tylan assessed the tavern’s patrons for potential work and… trouble.


  1. 1, Basic Shaker
  2. 3, Zhuh-Zhuh Joe - Labor, Basic Mover, Basic Shaker
  3. 1, Basic Joe - Service

Tyler noticed Basira, a local celebrity, sitting at the bar alone. While many preferred alien singers, Basira’s jazzy human tones were considered retrochic nowadays. Tyler grabbed a stool next to her.

Chillin’ says I can spend a PEF to get a Job Offer encounter and having read the Job Offer rules I realize now I’ve done this somewhat backwards. Oh well. Looking at the Employer table I roll 1d6 to see the type of Job and get 3: Escort. An Escort job has a base pay of 1 Increasing Rep d6 and +3 bonus because the employer in this case is a Shaker. The job details are that we need to escorting Basira somewhere. 5150 No Limits doesn’t give much more guidance than that, so I’m going to pull in the Travel Scene rules from Future Space, another THW product. Basira needs to be escorted from an Urban area to a Rural area using her own ground transportation. I figure Tylan takes whatever work he can get. He prefers to dig up dirt and solve mysteries but is content to do whatever odd work falls into his lap to pay the bills.

Saw you singing at the Fat Bantha last week, I liked your cover of Figrin D’an’s earlier work.”

Yeah? Not many D’an connoisseurs in the 3rd ring.”

I figure that giant forehead knows more about music than I do.”

Indeed. Say, I didn’t catch your name.”

Tylan. Tylan Armak.” He slides Basira his ident card.

Basira eyes the card and looks into Tylan’s eyes. You know, I’m short a security detail for a private gig next week. Don’t expect trouble but anytime I travel out of the City I prefer to have some friendly faces.”

We can help with that.”


I’ve got a security Droid as a partner… they can handle themself just fine for this sorta work.” Tyler and Basira then exchange job details.

April, Year 1, Rural New Hope

Escort Encounter at Night, 3 PEFs. We’re suppose to roll 1d3 before resolving each PEF and see if the result is equal or less than the number of PEFs but uh 3 = 3 means we are going to have a Confrontation out of the gate.

Type? Wrong place, wrong time. How many? 2 Who are they? Leader Basic Shaker Rep 3, Zhuh-Zhuh Joe Labor Rep 3. Packing? Unarmed” (non-lethal melee weapons.)

This is an interesting result. I’ve decided to play this out as it’s a trap.” Basira thought she was being invited to a private event to perform her music but instead she’s been invited a singing competition — for her life. Yes, I’m going to run the combat rules but instead of harmful blows, they are trading notes. Had they been packing ranged or lethal weapons I think I would’ve played it straight but this seems too hilarious to pass up.

  1. NPCs have Advantage and are Active. They’ll charge into Melee” or singing for their lives as the case may be. Basira rolls 2d6: [2, 3] passing 2d6 and the duet rolls 2d6: [6, 2], 2d6: [1, 5] - each passing 1d6. Passing 1d6 more, Basira now rolls 1d6: [5] and the NPCs are now Out of the Fight”.

Tyler, SK, and Basira arrive at huge estate well outside of New Hope City. Basira’s credentials grant her access at the security gate and they take their landspeeder up to the main house. A valet takes their speeder and they walk up the main steps into the house where inoffensive background music is heard.

Swanky, Basira. Oh look, poppers!” notes Tylan as he wonders off after a serv-o-robot with a plate of hors d’oeuvres.

Tylan will be back ma’am after he has injested nutrients. Shall we inquire about your dressing room?” asks SK.

What in the…” Basira is staring at a placard near the entertainment stage: SINGING COMPETITION: TONIGHT’S STARS: BASIRA, TSUBASA & HAERAN, & SEBASTIAN BALE.”

Basira! So good of you to make it.”

Tylan walks back to the group thrusting a grease covered hand towards Basira’s host Tylan, Tylan Armak. Nice party.”

Zhen Noxar, a… pleasure Mr. Armak.” says the party host as he wipes his hands on a handkerchief.

What’s all this, Zhen? I though I was hired to perform tonight?”

Oh, but you were my dear. You’ll be fabulous!”

Tylan pulls SK aside Perhaps we should look for a discreet escape route? What do your scanners make of this place?”

A 1000 ways to handle this but I want to try the Challenge rules so this is an Easy Challenge, giving a +1 to SKs rep (now 4) if SK succeeds we can easily avoid dealing with any of the remaining PEFs but otherwise we’ll have to deal with them. SK rolls 2d6: [1, 3], passing 2. SK has found us a way out.

Sir, I identified an exit before we walked into this gathering. We can leave unnoticed using the south wing which will place us directly in the speeder parking garage.”

Mrmph… that’s great!” says a munching Tyler who turns to see Basira and a pair of singers take the stage. Oh, the show is beginning. What would you call that, SK? A threesome?”

I believe Ms. Basira would call that awkward, Sir.”

Tsubasa & Haeran start by singing an old standard in a pedestrian manner. Next, Basira takes down the house with one of her Headcase”. After the applause dies down, Basira makes her way to Tylan & SK.

We’re leaving.” says a dejected Basira.

Hey, that was great. Really, it was something else.” notes Tylan. Even, SK was moved.”

I have not moved at all, Sir.”

We should though, let’s use that exit plan SK.”

Character Notes

We’re only in the first half of the month here, so no need to calculate the Lifetime Rep yet. Tylan receives +4 D6 for completing the Escort gig. Easy money. He’ll have to share some of that at the end of month for grunt pay with SK but so far, so good.

GM Notes

I find I have very little time for solo play during these pandemic times. Everyone is at home and it seems everything requires constant attention. I remembered 5150 No Limits being fast to play, requiring very little bookkeeping, and having an adequate default setting. This was fun, I don’t usually use the built-in game settings but not having to do all the world building is massive time saver. Once I got setup I think I managed to play this entire set of encounters in around 45 minutes which I think I can get down to around 30 minutes now that I’m familiar with the book again.

As always, it is possible I’ve completely botched a rule or perhaps done something by GM-fiat that someone else might disagree with. Remember, the beauty of solo games is you can play it your way!

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