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Travelling the Lanes, Log 02

Published September 16, 2022
Traveller log entry Campaigns Travelling the Lanes

Travelling the Lanes with Osman Celik, Log 02

Game Setup

Let’s do our daily rolls and see what adventure we’ll have today:

  • Daily Legal Encounter (5-), 2d6: [2, 4] = 6. None.
  • Daily Weather Encounter (5+), 1d6: [1]. None.
  • Daily Person Encounter (5+) 1d6: [4] None.

Not everyday in Traveller is a randomly eventful one. This gives Osman more time to get into trouble on their own of course.

Some questions to set the opening scene then:

Osman went out to dinner, caught up with an old friend — possibly had too much to drink?
2d6: [1, 2] = 3 No

Did Havva stock the apartment with food for Osman? 2d6: [4, 6] = 10 Yes

Allenby B557455-B, 002-3466

It is morning on Allenby and Osman opens up various drawers and cupboards in the apartment’s kitchen to find something basic to eat. He remembers the supplements the government gave him, pours a glass of water, and takes one of the pills.

Osman takes the elevator down to the ground floor and walks to his meeting with Devika Verma. He passes some art galleries, a fashion boutique, and a VRcade. A large video screen inside the VRacade catches his eye. It shows a group of oversized robots fighting over a ball on a large field. Osman glances down at his watch to check the time.

Ok, well I didn’t take Osman on a shopping trip but he must have some items he acquired over the years even if they were mostly bought at the military base commissary. Mostly I’m want to build up additional backstory for the type of character Osman is.

Book 03, Personal Devices:

Wrist Watch (3) CR 25 to CR 1000. Price determines quality.”

What kind of watch does Osman like? reaction throw knows!

2d6: [4, 5] = 9

Fancy watches then. Maybe… -Cr750 for the watch

Also… where is the meeting taking place? I have several tools I could use here… including just making something up. I do have this lovely 5150 City Deck” of buildings so I’ll draw a card:

A simple overhead map of a studio apartment layout

Osman passes through several city blocks and notices that this side of Old Gaepri looks older, less put together. He walks up to the address he was given to find a gothic-style residential building. The downstairs apartment buzzer is broken but Osman finds a working elevator inside. Stopping off at the 6th floor, Osman locates the apartment door and knocks.

What does Devika look like? Mythic character descriptors, physical:

  • Hurt
  • Strange

A woman, taller than Osman, opens the door. She looks Osman over before stretching out a robotic arm and hand. Welcome to Allenby, I’m Devika.”

Thank you, Captain…” says Osman after shaking her hand and moving inside.

Devika cuts him off Just Devika is fine, the Army gave up on me so I gave up the title.”

Osman notices the apartment is mostly unfurnished, dusty. A safe house?

Devika spreads out several large printed photos on a table. She points to an individual in one photo and a gunmetal silver briefcase in another.

Xasho Rer’Mis 35BBB7 Liaison-3, Vehicle-2, Computer-1, Gun Combat-1

This is Danilov representive Xasho Rer’Mis and where we believe the sample is being kept at all times. The briefcase has a biometric lock that we observed Xasho unlocking with their thumbs during our meetings with them.””

Did they capture a biometric thumbprint from Xasho during this meeting? 2d6-1: [6, 6]-1 = 11 (Unlikely): Yes (Doubles)

Am I suppose to cut off their thumbs?” quips Osman.

We do have a sample of their thumbprint captured from a glass of water in the meeting but we believe there are additional safeguards. It is not unheard for Danilovians to use proximity based security mechanisms, such as this wrist band we observed Xasho wearing.” she slides forward another photo.

So, their wrist then.”

Hopefully you can get more creative than hacking off body parts.” Devika pauses and gives Osman a wry smille before continuing. They are staying in New Gaepri at the Barbatius. We have some contacts on the inside and if you need access there we may be able to help. The Danilovians are occupying the entire floor and we assume they’ve come with their own security measures.”

Osman starts to sift through the photos, picking up each one, and looking it over closely. He realizes he has no idea what he’s looking for.

Devika breaks his concentration Here’s a hand computer, it has some additional information you may find helpful. If you need to contact me, use this encrypted short-range communicator, modified by our techs here on Allenby to enhance the range to cover both populated settlements. Finally, here’s a printed thumbprint, you may be able to use if you can gain access to the briefcase. Obviously we haven’t been able to test it.”

Do you know what their security forces are carrying?” asks Osman.

You aren’t packing a gun are you?”

No. Just a basic Navy cutlass. I have been trained in the auto-pistol though…”

Devika waves him off Well that explains your proclivity for slicing things off. Pistols are banned here. Even the Danilovians won’t be carrying them. You also won’t be able to slice your way through the security folks, so try to be more creative.” she paused and then says Oh, Allenby’s Police do have access to pistols. Most of the street cops carry tasers but they can bring in armed reinforcements — let’s not have it escalate to that, alright? It is bad for business.”

Anything else?”

Check out the notes on the hand computer. There are some daily schedules and routines we’ve observed that you can put to use.”

Osman left the apartment and stopped at the local coffee shop. A free network access” sign at the shop made Osman wonder… were the Danilovians using the hotels network? Osman paged through the notes on the hand computer. Daily routines, types of food they liked, places they liked to visit, and so on.

Most of Osman’s time in the Navy had been free of violence, in fact many of the regional disputes were solved through shrewd negotiations though sometimes shows of force had been helpful. This assignment would be no different, Osman would need to find a weakness and exploit it.

GM Notes

I imagine Osman getting caught up in thinking he’s something he’s not (an assassin, a spy?) before realizing he’s a technician, a pilot… and he’s got Computer-1. He’s also got a TAS membership and a Naval rank - these thing might open a few doors.