Solitaire Gaming From the Future

Travelling the Lanes, Log 03

Travelling the Lanes with Osman Celik, Log 03

Game Setup

Housekeeping: Osman spent some credits at the coffeeshop of course. Cr5 we’ll say.

Daily rolls:

  • Daily Legal Encounter (5-), 2d6: [5, 5] = 10. None.
  • Daily Weather Encounter (5+), 1d6: [2]. None.
  • Daily Person Encounter (5+) 1d6: [2] None.

This is a mixed game session, with some chit-chat but we finally get around to the mission (and punching!) so hang in there.

Allenby B557455-B, 003-3466

New Gaepri Starport, the Travellers Aid Society building, please.” says Osman as he gets into a taxi.

Any chance the taxi driver makes for good conversation?
Reaction throw 2d6: [1, 6] = 7. Non-committal. Nope. Cab fare Cr-40

Osman pays the driver the cab fee and a generous tip. Solitude is priceless, Osman figures.

Stepping out into the busy starport of New Gaepri, Osman notices that most seem occupied with their own inner thoughts. He makes his way to the TAS entrance. A video screen displays several scenes of the luxury of High Passage, friendly faces, and a voice over saying In these troubles times, it’s good to know you’ve got a friend.” It is followed up with several news blurbs from the TAS News Service.

What’s the news? I’ll throw three pairs of actions + themes from Starforged:

  • Withdraw Hope
  • Evade Warning
  • Falter World

A terraforming project on the remote world of Gough has ended in disaster after unstable conditions, which scientists had warned about, escalated into a planet-wide calamity. Millions of people were left behind in with little more than the hulls of the colony ships they came on. Osman wondered who would let such a thing happen.

Can I help you?” ask the TAS desk agent.

Borrowing something from Zozer’s SOLO: Throw 10+ to meet an old friend 2d6: [6, 5] = 11

Who? Well let’s just pick someone at random from 1001 Characters Navy characters 1d136: [68].
I’m going GM fudge this roll and make it 69 because the entry right below this one has the TAS benefit. Sue me.

Elif Turan, Commander 389577 Age 38 Vacc Suit-3, Gunnery-3, Ship’s Boat-1, Dagger-1, SMG-2

Mythic character descriptors, physical:

  • Masculine
  • Familiar

Reaction to meeting Osman? Throw in a +1 for frienship. 2d6+1: [6, 4]+1 = 11. Enthusiastic.

Yes, I’m here to meet a friend in the lounge.” says Osman as they hand over their membership ID chip. Commander Turan?”

Of course, right this way, Lieutenant Commander Celik.”

The agent walks Osman into the lounge and points him towards a table where he sees a muscular man with a similar skin tone as his own.

Turan stands up. Osman! Good to see you again.” And the two embrace before sitting down together.

How’s the Navy?”

Oh, the usual Osman. You know the drill. Forms, delays, and… politics. You hear from your family on Pershing?”

Not often. My father gets a message to me from time-to-time, in between merchant runs. Are you still running that old maintenance boat?”

Indeed, cleaning up the usual messes but surely you didn’t come to talk about welding hulls?”

Osman takes a look around the room and moves closer in There’s a group here from Danilov.”

Elif cuts off Osamn Geez, what did yourself caught up in?”

Nothing you wouldn’t do for your family.”

Elif nods.

Danilov. I need them to stick around for a few days. Any contacts you have that could… delay their departure clearances?”

Can Elif help? Yes/No Oracle, Likely 2d6+1: [5, 2]+1 = 8 Yes. Does Elif want payment? Yes/No Oracle, 50/50 2d6: [1, 6] = 7 Yes, but.

Yeeeah, I could make that happen. It’ll cost you though. Trade me your next TAS High Passage.”

Osman ponders this, he could it use for his own family on Pershing but where would he put them? Osman has more work to do before he can help his family find a better life here.

Alright, deal.”

The waiter comes over with the check.

Also, you get the bill.” says Elif as he slides it over to Osman.

Of course.”

Travellers’ Aid Society facilities pro- vide excellent quality meals to members and guests for CR 20.” — Book 03, Page 15.
Osman: -Cr20. Now down to Cr5155 in the bank and short a future high passage.

Afternoon on Allenby B557455-B, 003-3466

Osman strolls up to the Barbatius Hotel in his naval dress and walks to the front desk.

Hello, I’m looking to host an event for a collection of naval officers. I was wondering if I could take a look at your event spaces?”

I figure in an abstract way this is an Administration throw:

When contact with officials is required, understanding of their needs and motives will assist in dealings with them. A basic throw of 7+ will successfully resolve normal interaction without further problems.”

Osman is hoping this hotel official needs business.

2d6+1: [2, 5]+1 = 8

Random character from 1001 Characters, Others 1d136: [29]

Geli Sabin 996656, Computer-1, Steward-1

Mythic character descriptors, physical:

  • Cute
  • Frail

Geli’s reaction to Osman 2d6: [5, 5] = 10. Responsive.

Certainly, let me notify our Events Coordinator.”

Osman waits for a moment and narrow women in a brightly colored dress appears. She leads Osman on a tour of several event spaces and asks several questions, trying to determine Osman’s requirements.

Osman is primarily interested in whether there are any robots employed within their Hotel’s staff.

Book 08, Robots says On worlds of tech level 12 or greater (and an rare occasions, on worlds of tech level 10 or 11) characters may expect to encounter robots in the course of their activities.”

Are Robots used with staff? 2d6+2: [1, 4]+2 = 7 Yes, but.

Maybe there’s a Star Wars-like distrust of robots on Allenby. Presumably the population, desperate to climb the corporate ladder out of poverty, is not keen on robots taking their jobs.

Robots? Certainly not, Lieutenant…? Celerk… For serving event attendees we would only use humans.”

Osman nods, better she misremember his name he supposes.

You will find robots in The Barbatius amongst our housekeeping staff. We also employ a robot bartender but you would not see them during your event. For janitorial stuff during an event they would be humans.”

Osman thanks the woman for her time and says he’ll be in touch.

Just one last thing, m’am. May I take a few photos of the spaces?”

Do we still have photos in the year 3466? Who knows. I assume the Hand Computer Osman has is similar to iPhone tho. Whether it is a holographic camera or whatever…

Would Geli let Osman take photos? 2d6: [5, 1] = 6 No, but

No, but you may have these samples instead.” she hands him a data chip This also contains details about each space, number of occupants, etc. Also, my business contact is on there. If you wish to discuss pricing details, please contact me directly.”

Osman will make an attempt to loose the attention of the lobby staff when they return to the lobby. Marc Miller has said that throwing equal or under a characteristic was a tool a referee should employ, so we’ve got (9-, DEX) 2d6: [4, 5] = 9

An attendant tries to walk Osman out but it is busy in the lobby and just as a series of guests walk in with their luggage, Osman slips out of view.

He’s without a key card to access the elevator but he searches around for a maintenance area.

I wouldn’t normally call for a throw here but it is like using an Yes/No Oracle in my mind. I’m going to grant a +1 given the time Osman spent as a ship mechanic. Is it the same as Hotel mechanic, no. But a maintenance room, is a maintenance room, etc. The signage is the same and it is probably somewhere completely difficult for an ordinary person to stumble onto. (10- INT+1) 2d6: [3, 1] = 4

Is it locked? Very likely. 2d6+2: [6, 2]+2 = 10. Yes.

Is it an electronic lock? Very likely. 2d6+2: [2, 3]+2 = 7. Yes, but.

Is there somewhere to hide? likely. 2d6+1: [3, 4]+1 = 8

How many maintenance people might return? I’ll use the Two Hour Wargames party size formula:

(1d3+1)-1d3: ([2]+1)-[3] = 0 (never less than 1)

Random Maintenance Guy from 1001 Characters, Others: A8759A Engineering-I, Vacc-1, Blade-1

  • Surprise, Osman 1d6: [4] vs. Rando 1d6 [3].
  • Range. 2d6-5: [2, 5]-5 = 2 Close, In physical contact; touching.
  • Does the rando try to escape? 2d6: [3, 1] = 4 No
  • Does the rando try to evade? 2d6: [6, 3] = 9 Yes. -1 DM to Osman
  • Osman will stand.
  • Osman throws a punch. 2d6-1+3+1+2+1: [4, 2]-1+3+1+2+1 = 12
    • The -1 was for the rando evading.
    • The +3 is because the other person is untrained” in Brawling. So is Osman, but all PCs are considered to have Weapons-0.
    • The +1 is for the defender having no armor.
    • The +2 is for the defender at close range.
    • The last +1 is for Osman STR of 9
  • Damage 1d6: [4]
  • First blood: 1) strength, 2) dexterity, or 3) endurance. 1d3: [1] strength. A->8.
  • Osman END 9 (9): 8 combat blows left.

new round:

  • Is there a Fire Extinguisher? 2d6: [4, 2] = 6 No, but
    • There’s a maintenance cart.
  • Does the rando try to evade, unlikely? 2d6-1: [5, 4]-1 = 8 Yes
  • Osman will stand” but I think he’s got his eye on maneuvering into a favorable position to utilize the maintenance cart
  • Osman throws another punch. 2d6-1+3+1+2+1: [1, 4]-1+3+1+2+1 = 11
  • Damage 1d6: [6] referee determines stat, I would default to END: 7->1
  • Osman END 9 (8): 7 combat blows left.

new round: Does the rando try to evade, very unlikely? 2d6-2: [6, 2]-2 = 6 No, but

  • they are trying to open range then, but they stay in close range for a round.
  • Osman will stand.
  • Rando will try to push Osman back into a wall or the cart to help open range. 2d6-1+2: [2, 4]-1+2 = 7. Misses.
    • Osman has no armor: -1
    • Osman is at close range: +2
  • Osman throws another punch. 2d6-1+3+1+2+1: [4, 3]-1+3+1+2+1 = 13
  • Damage 1d6: [6] END 1->0 (Unconscious, 10m.), STR 8->3.
  • Osman END 9 (7): 6 combat blows left.

end combat.

did anyone hear the scuffle? 2d6-1: [1, 2]-1 = 2 No, and

  • hrm, maybe the other maintenance staff called in sick today.

Osman locates the maintenance room but it is locked with an electronic biometric lock. He hides himself in the shadows and waits. A tough but older look maintenance person appears heading towards the door. Osman tries to surprise him but fails and the two get into a scuffle. Osman throws several punches while the maintenance man tries to push him away. The third punch knocks the man out cold and Osman drags him over to the door. He lifts the unconscious man’s hand to the lock and the door opens. Dragging the man insides he looks around for some rope to tie the man up.

Is there rope, likely? 2d6+1: [4, 6]+1 = 11 Yes.

After securing the maintenance worker, Osman takes their ID and changes into another maintenance workers jumpsuit. Osman stuffs his naval outfit into a duffel and puts it over his shoulder. He removes the radio from the worker’s belt, clips it on his own belt, and leaves.

Throw 8+ to disable the electronic door lock: 2d6: [2, 6] = 8.

Osman doesn’t have the Electronic skill but may have some general familiarity with concepts from time in the Navy. Book 01 does not give a clear no expertise” DM for Electronic and instead says the referee decides. Since we are just pulling wires… I figure it is 50/50.

Osman pries open the electronic door lock panel and takes a guess at which wires to sever. The lock’s screen dims as Osman presumably gets the right ones. He puts the duffel & toolkit on the maintenance cart and heads down the hallway looking for the maintenance elevator.

Evening on Allenby B557455-B, 003-3466

Has anyone checked on the maintenance staff? 2d6+1: [3, 1]+1 = 5 No. Why? Maybe Osman has been answering the normal radio calls?

Starforged descriptor focus: Abundant Environment. Broken room window?

In order to keep up the ruse, Osman deals with an actual hotel maintenance problem.

That should take of the jammed window, M’am. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

Osman’s attempt to swipe an extra keycard from the guest (throw DEX 9-): 2d6: [3, 5] = 8

Osman leaves the room, having pocketed an extra keycard hoping it will help cover his tracks.

Osman perception throw to find networking room (throw INT 9-) 2d6: [6, 2] = 8

He heads to middle lobby floor guessing that will be the best place for the networking room. His instincts are right because off the elevator lobby area is a door marked COMPUTER ROOM.

Does the maintenance keycard open the computer room? 2d6+2: [2, 3]+2 = 7 Yes, but.

  • It does but there’s someone inside. Citizens of the Imperium, scientists 1d40: 22

756568, Computer-1, Mechanical-5, Electronics-1

Going to guess their high Mechanical suggest they used to be maintenance staff here - so they’ll know Osman is fake.

Need a name for the rando mechanic: Servac

Oh, Hi?” the computer tech looks Osman over. Who the hell are you?”

New trainee, Servac sent me up here to check the air vents.”

Reaction throw 2d6-2: [2, 3] = 3 Hostile. Attacks on 5+. 2d6: [5, 1] = 6. Attacks.

Bullshit!” the computer tech lunges

  • Osman’s Combat Blows END has been restored to 9 having had 30+ minutes to recover

  • Surprise, Osman 1d6: [3] vs. Tech 1d6 [2].

  • Range. 2d6-5: [5, 6]-5 = 6 Medium, at pistol range, 6 to 50 meters.

    • Well okay it is not 50 minutes but 6 is probably about right. A little bigger than a car length I guess? Seems more than reasonable for a computer room.
  • Does the tech try to escape or evade? Referee fiat says no, they clearly are going to attack based on the reaction throw.

  • Tech will close range, running at double speed (counts as a combat blow” END (6->5)). As it takes 3 rounds to go from Medium to Short, we will say they can do it in 1 running (rounding down).

  • Osman will stand and throw the metal toolbox from the cart at the tech. Throw 18+ to hit: 2d6-3+1+9: [5, 6]-3+0+9 = 19

    • Seems like drawing” a weaponL -3 DM
    • +DEX per throwing rules”
    • +0 defender has no armor (“club”)
    • the rules say that daggers can be thrown at short range… but I don’t see why Osman can attempt to toss the toolkit given the room size. I suspect the medium” range really reflects things like chairs, tables, etc that are getting in the way
    • I don’t see how there is possibly an untrained defending penalty here… that’s absurd. who the hell trains against getting hit by a toolbox?
  • Damage (“Club”): 2d6-3: [4, 2]-3 = 3

  • First blood: 1) strength, 2) dexterity, or 3) endurance. 1d3: [1] strength. 7->4.

new round:

  • Range is now short. Did you know there are not rules for cover” in Book 01? Weird. If it comes into play I’ll just borrow this rule as guidance from Paul Elliot:

Cover: Targets are considered under cover if they are behind a solid object which a shot cannot penetrate. A character who has attacked from a covered position is allowed a defending DM of -4 when attacked. If the individual has not attacked from cover, he or she is not visible at the moment and may not be attacked.”

  • Is there space for Osman to ram the cart into the tech? 2d6: [1, 1] = 2 No, and. In fact it is like super cramped in here. Which sound like every server room I’ve ever spent time in.
  • Is there a monitor Osman can pick up? 2d6: [2, 5] = 7 Yes, but. There is but it is plugged into something.
  • Osman will stand but is effectively spending movement trying to wrestling the monitor out from the computer, wall, or whatever it is.
  • The tech at short range will close range. 1 round.
  • The tech will throw a punch. 2d6-1+1: [2, 4]-1+1 = 6
    • Osman has no armor -1 (in future rounds, having fully wrestled the monitor free I would grant Osman some form of improvised armor DM)
    • Osman is at short range +1
  • Osman will swing the monitor (“club”) at the tech. 2d6+0+2+2: [2, 3]+0+2+2 = 9
    • tech has no armor +0 (“club”)
    • tech is at short range +2
    • Osman’s STR gives him an advantagegous DM of +2
    • is there an untrained penalty here? probably? I dunno.
  • Damage: 2d6-3: [4, 5]-3 = 6
  • Damage goes to END which leaves the man unconscious for 10 minutes.
  • I’m just going to rule that the tech is out for three hours after Osman bashes this man again with the monitor, reducing another characteristics to zero. Would you make a player roll through this? Not me.

The tech is down the hallway in a cramped server room. They push out of their chair and start running towards Osman, who pickups and throws the toolkit at the tech. It hits the tech in the shoulder and they wince in pain. As the near Osman, preparing to throw a punch, Osman rips a status monitor off the wall and hits the tech in the head with the elbow-like corner of it. The tech crumples to the floor and Osman breaks the monitor over the tech’s skull.

Is Xasho Rer’Mis’s computer on the hotel network? 2d6: [2, 6] = 8 Yes.

Computer Programing was omitted from the 1977 rules but addressed in the Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society #1, Page 7. But sadly these rules are really specific to Starship computer programs. Still we can borrow the min INT (7+) and Size rule as a DM.

Throw INT+Computer or less to find Xasho’s machine on the network (10-): 2d6: [2, 5] = 7

Osman sits down at a console and begins to scan for connected machines. Locating Xasho Rer’Mis’s personal computer, Osman grins and flexes his fingers. He begins to script a routine to access Xasho’s machine.

Throw INT+Computer-Size(1) or less to access Xasho’s machine (9-): 2d6: [6, 3] = 9

Nonetheless, there is always the possibility that such a program will have a fatal error and not function when actually used.” — Book 01, Page 17

Throw 7 exactly for a fatal error: 2d6: [6, 2] = 8

  • Are there detailed files about the glass sample? Likely 2d6+1: [6, 2]+1 = 9 Yes.
  • Is there a thumb-drive or whatever the heck passes for remote storage around here? Very likely. (ever been in a server room? people leave crap everywhere) 2d6+2: [4, 3]+2 = 9 Yes.

Gaining access, he scans Xasho’s machine for files pertaining to the detailed schematics of the glass sample. He plugs a remote disk into the console and copies the files he finds over. He closes out the terminal and switches back into his naval dress, leaving the maintenance clothes behind. He exits the room and uses the guest keycard to access the elevator to head back down to the lobby.

DEX- throw to avoid being seen? Probably. 2d6: [3, 4] = 7.

Osman weaves his weave in and out of the evening bar & dinner crowd to exit the hotel. Hailing a taxi he heads back home to rest.

Going to skip any interactions between Osman and the taxi driver… he’s too tired. Cab fare Cr-40

GM Notes

Well I probably messed up a rule somewhere but I had fun, so yay? I think that’s what matters. Combat is alright. Won’t lie, I greatly prefer Two Hour Wargame’s abstracted RPG-Counters/Mini battleboard combat system but this was entertaining in the 1-on-1 mode. For larger groups I might end up pulling my hair out.

Did Osman need to delay the Danilovians? Maybe not but it is a pretty typical player trope to over-think and plan is it not? Heh. I do think the scene between Elif and Osman establishes a bit of motivation for Osman to not just get a 9-5 job as a pilot somewhere. He wants to get his family off Pershing faster than it would take the honest way.