September 9, 2022

Travelling the Lanes, Prologue

Osman Celik 999976, Age 18
Enlist Navy: 2d6+3 (str 7+, int 6+): [2, 2]+3 = 7. Failure to enlist.
Draft: 1d6: 1 Navy.

Osman Celik1 woke up and rubbed his eyes. Next to his bed on the nightstand was a pile of brochures. On the top of the stack one pamphlet loudly proclaimed in bold letters Join the Merchant Marine Today!” Osman’s parents were hard working, respectable merchants and they had encouraged him to follow in their path.

Osman’s attention turned to the rejection letter from the naval branch of Allenby Unified’s Defense Services. His test scores hadn’t been good enough to secure a commission. Allenby’s navy service had no problem drafting him into service though.

Allenby Unified Core Worlds:

Birdwood 0103 C100455-9
Allenby 0104 B557455-B N
Pershing 0203 B479658-8 N

Allenby Unified Subsidiaries & Partner Worlds:

Quxeteor 0303 C995577-6
Xecebi 0304 D645332-6 S

Upon turning 18 Osman’s name had been entered into the military service draft as was customary for any citizen of the three core worlds of Allenby Unified. Allenby Unified was a giant corporation which maintained an extensive network of fuel refining operations across the five worlds, three of which Allenby owned outright (Allenby, Birdwood, and Pershing), an additional subsidiary world (Xecebi), and another which it had established a long-term contract with (Quxeteor). The region was largely of devoid of conflict, thanks in part to Allenby’s extensive defense services which patrolled the space lanes.

While the space lanes may have been mostly pirate free, growing up on the Allenby Unified world of Pershing was no cake-walk. Millions of people lived on a handful of small islands. Citizens of Pershing were forced to wear a mask to filter out the dangerous sulphuric airborne compounds from numerous active island volcanos. For most, the draft was a lifeline to a better life and a chance to climb the Allenby Unified corporate ladder.

Term 1: Navy Recruit, Age 22

  • Survival 2d6+2 (int 7+): [6, 3]+2 = 11. Success.
  • Commission. Not available (Draftee).
  • Promotion. Not available (No commission).
  • Skills (x2, initial term):
    • Personal Development, 1d6: [6] +1 EDU
    • Service Skills, 1d6: [5] Gun Combat, Automatic Pistol-1
  • Reenlist, 2d6: [3, 3] = 6. Qualified.

Osman reported for duty on Pershing’s Orbital Naval Base (PONB) which had been built with the far-more advanced technologies from the nearby world of Allenby. A regime of basic training was required where Osman improved his overall education and acquired basic skill with the standard issue automatic pistol. Osman was assigned to Pershing’s orbital on-board security team. The most action Osman saw during these initial years was breaking up cafeteria disturbances and late-hour brawls that spilled out of what passed for entertainment on PONB.

At the age of 22 Osman had the option to continue his naval service. With no better job prospects, Osman signed the contract and renewed his term for another 4 years.

Term 2: Navy Seamen, Age 26

  • Survival 2d6+2 (int 7+): [5, 4]+2 = 11. Success.
  • Commission, 2d6: [5, 1] = 6. Failure.
  • Promotion. Not available (No commission).
  • Skills (x1):
    • Advanced Education (8+), 1d6: [4] Computer-1
  • Reenlist, 2d6: [5, 2] = 7. Qualified.

Osman was transfered to PONBs starport operations division. There he acquired computer skills while performing data-entry duty for the various resupply and delivery ships that docked at PONB. Later he moved on to handling docking duties directly, helping ships navigate their arrival and departure from PONB.

Rabia Aslan 678666, Admin-2, Ship’s Boat-1 Auto Pistol-1 Forward Observer-1

At age 26 Osman signed another four-year contract. It was genuinely exciting to see the various starships come into port and to have the ability to steer them in on their final approaches. Osman’s superior, harbormaster Rabia Aslan, let it be known that he was a shoe-in for navigator duty on-board a starship if he returned.

Term 3: Navy Seamen, Age 30

  • Survival 2d6+2 (int 7+): [5, 3]+2 = 10. Success.
  • Commission, 2d6: [6, 6] = 12. Success! Rank-1, Ensign
  • Promotion, 2d6+2: [2, 6]+2 = 10. Success. Rank-2, Lieutenant
  • Skills (x3):
    • Service Skills, 1d6: [2] Vacc Suit-1
    • Advanced Education (8+), 1d6: [2] Navigation-1
    • Advanced Education (8+), 1d6: [5] Pilot-1
  • Reenlist, 2d6: [5, 2] = 7. Qualified

Dame Havva Taş B884BB, Ship’s Boat-2 Navigation-2 Computer-1 Medical-1 Vacc Suit-1 Pilot-1 Gunnery-1

Madison Ardron, A55686, Pilot-1 Jack-o-T-1 Computer-1 Electronic-1

After a brief stint as assistant harbormaster Osman was transfered to the Dependable Star, a type T patrol cruiser commanded by Dame Havva Taş. Most of the ships of the Allenby Unified navy are commanded by individuals from the corporation’s most elite families. First Osman worked as a maintenance hand and excelled at handling repairs, including an embarrassing incident where the Dependables pilot had botched their docking approach and caused quite a bit of damage to the ship and Pershing’s orbital facilities. Osman’s around-the-clock efforts and good connections with the Pershing docking staff allowed Dame Taş to save face. Osman was then promoted to navigator, assigned to shadow pilot Lt. Ardron. After some political maneuvering Dame Tas forced pilot Lt. Ardron into early retirement and Osman was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and given the helm of the Dependable Star.

Term 4: Navy Lieutenant, Age 34

  • Survival 2d6+2: (int 7+): [3, 3]+2 = 8. Success.
  • Promotion, 2d6+1: [5, 2]+1 = 8. Success. Rank-3, Lt Cmdr
  • Skills (x2):
    • Service Skills, 1d6: [4] Blade Combat, Cutlass-1
    • Advanced Education (8+), 1d6: [6], Admin-1
  • Reenlist, 2d6: [1, 2] = 3. DNQ.
  • Aging:
    • STR, 2d6: [5, 3] = 8. No effect
    • DEX, 2d6: [2, 5] = 7. No effect
    • END, 2d6: [6, 2] = 8. No effect

Osman took up sword fighting to stay in shape and gained some proficiency with the standard navy cutlass. At 32, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and became Dame Havva Taş’ right hand. Unfortunately for Osman he hitched his star to the wrong corporate family as the Taş family suffered a disgrace when the head of the family became deeply paranoid and had a violent breakdown at work. Taş was reassigned, the new Commander did not take a liking to Osman, and frequently ridiculed Osman’s work. When given his re-enlistment papers Osman noticed his commander had used their personal override to reject bringing Osman back for another term.

At age 34 it was time for Osman to take his skills somewhere else.

Mustering out: 4 terms, Rank 3. 6 rolls

Material Benefits

1d6: 1 Low Passage (worth CR1000)
1d6: [5] TAS
1d6: [6] +2 SOC
1d6: [4] Blade, Cutlass

Cash Allowances

1d6: 1 1000
1d6: [3] 5000

Osman Celik, Lt Cmdr 999988 Age 34
Navy (4 terms) Cr6000
Admin-1, Automatic Pistol-1, Computer-1, Cutlass-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-1, Vacc Suit-1, Weapons-0
Cutlass, Low Passage, TAS Membership

  1. Name generated using a variation of Andy Slack’s Now We All Have Turkish Names. Andy has a big influence on my solitaire play so this was a way to have a little easter-egg/hat-tip towards Andy. Thank you, friend.↩︎