Colfer Lanx

I have a very deep love of Classic Traveller’s lifepath-based character creation mini-game but for Colfer Lanx I decided to do something different.

I wanted to use the game rules from Starport Scum for these games. Starport Scum is a fast, modular game engine, with capped six-sided dice pools. The game can easily swap between tactical miniatures combat to theater of the mind” RPG-style combat - which fits my often fluctuating schedule for how often or long I can play. Starport Scum characters do not have skills or stats they are defined by traits” which are keyword-based. These traits can typically do one of three things (but the player or referee can expand on this system):

Because I wanted something more keyword” based the first game that popped into my head was Freeform Universal and it just so happens there is FU-compatiable game from Peril Planet called Star Scoundrels. I like random character generation though and Star Scoundrel did not provide that BUT I found that it was easy enough to eyeball the list of Backgrounds, Roles, Advantages, & Flaws and roll a dice for the different category & sub-categories. That’s how I ended up with this Starport Scum-friendly character description:

Colfer Lanx (Hero): Exiled Bounty Hunter, Robot Mechanic, Blaster Expert, Athletic

I asked Mythic a Meaning Table” question about how Colfer had been Exiled” from the Bounty Hunters’ guild and got "Setback Nature". the first thing that popped into my head was a natural disaster Colfer setup while trying to acquire a bounty. I randomly rolled for which star system this had occurred in and then rolled up the planet’s terrain. Snow-topped mountains” instantly popped a vision of an avalanche into my head and that was that.

It should be said that Starport Scum does have rules for creating characters and even a brief table you can roll to generate the traits” your character might have. The results are very, naturally, miniatures gaming focused and I wanted something a little more RPG-friendly.

As I play, I will learn more about who Colfer is and why they are the way they are.

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