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Starforged Playtest: Part 4 - Caught in the Act

Previously on our Starforged playtest we created our:

Kicking off play, I have a few Oracle rolls to make and the Swear an Iron Vow move:

What planet are we on when the story starts?

  • Type: Desert World
  • Name: Dag
  • Atmosphere: Breathable
  • Observed: Perpetual daylight
  • Closer: Scarred battlefields, Exposed mineral deposits
  • Settlements: Settlements in conflict
  • Life: Simple

Where are we on Dag (or off) when the story starts?

  • Descriptor Focus: Expansive Battleground

Finally, we need to Swear an Iron Vow” to tackle the quest to clear Hapi’s name

Swear an Iron Vow +heart (4): 10 vs. 2, 7 - strong hit

  • +2 momentum
  • you are emboldened and it is clear what you must do next” (if unsure Ask the Oracle”)

Ok, in order for Hapi to clear their name they must return to the scavenger site and pull the ship’s logs. Hapi believes this will demonstrate that the ship was a wayward vessel and doesn’t belong to the clan that is claiming ownership.

Oh, I need a clan name so I turn to one of my name generators: Rada”

Dag, Dirtside, Southern Dunes

Hapi wondered how’d he gotten himself into such a miserable situation. The dumbest part was that Hapi had returned to the scene of the supposed crime.

I don’t even know why the Radas want this stuff; this wreck has been here forever.”

Hapi begins their search for the ship’s black box”.

Gather Information +wits: 5 vs. 3, 9: weak hit

  • +1 momentum
  • complication/danger: pulling it out requires a specific tool

Ahh, these old T-15 cubes are a chore to pull. Now, where’s that extraction tool…”

Let’s play with all of the toys as they say:

Check your Gear +supply: 10 vs. 4, 3: strong hit

  • +1 momentum

Hapi pulls out the tool and starts to pull the box out.

Ultimately having this box is an narrative advantage”, so I think we have to use the Secure an Advantage move rather than Face Danger. My Ironsworn muscles might be a little rusty.

Secure an Advantage +wits: 7 vs. 10, 3: weak hit

  • +2 momentum

We’re on a nice run here momentum wise and have the resource in our hands. I think Hapi has made progress on this sub-quest/vow to Figure out origins of scavenged ship”.

Reach a Milestone: Secure a Resource (“black box”)

Hapi secures the black box” and stows it away. Hapi gathers their tools and makes their way back to the exit.

Ask The Oracle:

  • Is their someone waiting for him? 72: (50/50) yes
  • Are they friend or foe (likely)? 58: (Likely) foe
  • Were they sent by the Radas (likely) or competing scavenger? 1: (Likely) competing scavenger
  • Armed with a non-lethal or lethal (likely) weapon? 26: (Likely) yes

  • Name: Tarrgh Bast
  • Looks: Adorned
    • I rolled adorned” twice so that tells me it is an amplified part of their look
  • Disposition: Helpful
  • Roles: Scavenger (religious artifacts)
    • Ok, I rolled Priest” but merging the ideas made more sense
  • Aspects: Bold, Critical, and Talented
  • Goals: Build a home

Hapi, didn’t expect to see you here. I heard you already went over this wreck.”

Tarrgh, never a pleasure to see you.”

Why don’t you set your pack down” says Tarrgh as he waves a gun at Hapi.

Sure, let’s be reasonable here.” Hapi sets down the bag and nods at it. I don’t have anything of value to you in there and most of that ship is ripe for the picking. We can go our separate ways here and no one has to get hurt.”

Compel +heart: 9 vs. 5, 7: strong hit

  • +1 momentum

Tarrgh bends down, holding the gun firmly pointed at Hapi, and inspects the bag. Pulling out the box he eyes it suspiciously but places it back in the bag. Tarrgh thrusts the gun into Hapi’s back and marches him into the ship to take a look around. Seeing most of the wreck still in salvageable condition he looks back at Hapi.

You are not lying, there is plenty to be had here. What do you need that for?” he points the gun outside, presumably at the bag.

Ship’s log. Radas say they hold the scavenge rights to this ship but I don’t think it is theirs. Thought I’d see if I could pull out the identifier or anything else useful.”

Nonsense, this should be a holy site!”

Well, you can take that up with the Radas. I’m just trying to save my own hide.”

I want this salvage for my people, Hapi. I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll let you walk out here with your life if you will share the information about the origins of the ship with me.”

Deal. You know how to find me. It’ll take a few days to make sense of that box but I’ll share what I know.”

Tarrgh thinks on this. Ok. Why are the Radas after you anyway, doesn’t even look like you’ve done much on this wreck?”

Someone must have saw me entering it after the sandstorm uncovered it?”

Well, Hapi is flat out lying here

Compel +shadow: 3 vs. 1, 3: weak hit

  • +1 momentum
  • condition/complication

Sure, why not just tell them you didn’t take anything? Leave well enough alone. Nah, you found something here didn’t you?”

There was a skeleton of a human or humanoid. I buried them a few paces, that way.” Hapi points out to the south a bit. They had some old simple robes, a bit of jewelry that must have been on their face; you know, like yours. I can give you the jewelry.”

Probably another Compel? Now, Hapi isn’t lying here … he’s omitting info but aiming to barter … so…

Compel +heart: 10 vs. 1, 1: strong hit

  • +1 momentum
  • Action+Theme: Inspect Superstition

Jewels? Really? Those face beads are sacred objects, you must return to them. I’ll give you (1d4: [2]) two days, Hapi. I want the jewels and whatever else you can tell about this wreck.”

Hapi, nods and walks outside. Grabbing their pack Hapi climbs on their hoverbike and rides off.

Game Notes

Playing Ironsworn is like riding a biycle: it gets easier the more you exercise the relevant muscles. I’m not 100% sure I played this out in the most ideal Ironsworn way but I think it is in the ballpark.

I liked the Check your Gear move - it is a subtle tweak on previous Ironsworn moves that feels natural for this genre. And so far the Oracle results all feel natural or at least easy to work with given my setting Truths.

Next time, we’ll catch up with Hapi and figure out what they unearthed from the black box.” Fair warning: I don’t intended to play out every scene of this game in a step-by-step order. I’ll skip over some bits, montage, or flashback as needed. I don’t have the patience or freetime to exhaustively simulate Hapi’s life.