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Starforged Playtest: Part 5 - Dunes of Despair

Published October 12, 2020
Ironsworn Starforged playtesting Observation Deck

Previously on our Starforged playtest we created our:

Session Setup

Last time we left Hapi they were about to head back home and try to make sense of the starship’s black box”. Seems like a Set A Course move can tell us a bit about our journey back home.

Set a Course +supply: 9 vs. 9, 5: weak hit

  • You face a complication or danger at your destination. Envision what you find (Ask the Oracle if unsure).

Ask the Oracle: Is it the Radas? 85: (Likely) yes

  • What’s the rank of the threat? Unlikely that it is epic”, so let’s roll 1d4: [3] formidable”

To setup our position, I think Hapi must Secure an Advantage” to see if they spot this danger early or run right into it:

Secure an Advantage +wits: 3 vs. 6, 7: miss

  • On a miss, you fail or your assumptions betray you. Pay the Price.
  • Pay The Price: The environment or terrain introduces a new hazard.


Hapi’s hands are sweaty but they firmly grip the throttle of their hoverbike. It is bright and sunny but in fact it is the evening. Dag’s perpetual daylight tends to throw off visitors not use to the unnerving lack of noticeable daylight rhythms. As Hapi crests over a dune, the reflecting daylight temporarily blinds them. The noise of gunfire snaps Hapi to attention.

Enter the Fray: 7 vs. 6, 6: strong hit

  • match: something interesting, new opportunity
    • Action & Theme: Preserve Freedom
  • +2 momentum (now at max…)

Hapi skids their hoverbike to a halt and takes cover behind it. Scanning the area Hapi realizes they are outnumbered and there’s one way out of this mess: getting aboard the Long Odds and keeping on the move. The ship, parked nearby, glistens in the sun.

Hapi takes aim at part of the structure near his hut hoping to knock the canopy down over some of the gang members.

Strike: 4 vs. 3, 7: weak hit Burn momentum: (10): strong hit

  • Radas gang [*][*][][][][][][][][]

The canopy structure collapses and takes out a gang member in the process. During the chaos Hapi takes the opportunity to remount the hoverbike and speed towards the Long Odds.

Gain Ground: 6 vs. 5, 3: strong hit

  • Radas gang [*][*][*][][][][][][][]
  • +2 momentum

With the ship providing additional cover now, Hapi takes a moment to get the drop on another gang member but takes a few shots at their position.

Strike: 7 vs. 1, 5: strong hit

  • Radas gang [*][*][*][*][*][][][][][]

Screams of agony ring across the dunes as another Radas gang member falls to the ground.

Hapi wonders if they should press their luck, and try to make it inside the Long Odds now. Still outnumbered though and if Hapi could eliminate the gang maybe it would buy more time for Hapi to get off-world. There was still the matter of keeping their word to Tarrgh looming in Hapi’s mind.

Need some inspiration for what set pieces might be available:

  • Descriptor Focus: Toxic/People

The whole situation stunk thought Hapi and then it hit them like a brick. Firing two carefully placed shots at the septic waste container near the property Hapi hopes to unleash an explosion.

Strike: 6 vs. 5, 3: strong hit

  • Radas gang [*][*][*][*][*][*][*][][][]

The ground shakes as the tank explodes. Now or never thinks Hapi, as they make for the Long Odds loading dock. Punching the button the ramp lowers, Hapi fires a few more covering shots, and makes for the hoverbike hoping to ride it up the docking ramp.

Take Decisive Action: 7 vs. 6, 5: strong hit

  • +1 momentum.

The remaining Radas are disoriented and caught off guard by Hapi’s willingness to destroy their home. Of course the Long Odds is home now. Banging on the ramp door button the platform begins to rise back up, sealing Hapi off from the remaining gang members. Running to the cockpit Hapi fires up the engines, the blast knocking over a Rada gang member who had regained their footing. Angling the ship around to face them, Hapi fires off a few blasts towards them eliminating the remaining fires.

Hapi places a kiss in their hand and slaps on the To infinity and beyond” sticker on the console as the ship slowly climbs into the air.

GM Notes

I like the rewritten combat moves, thing read more clearly and simply than they used to - or at least that’s what my brains says. Obviously, the dice were heavily in our favor today which is unusual in my experience. Not complaining, certainly made a cinematic scene. I’m enjoying Starforged overall though not having made a sector map, I’m not entirely sure where Hapi would go from here. Also, I think our next scene needs to deal with Hapi keeping their word to return the jewels to Tarrgh — it seems out of character for them not to.