Frisch Subsector

The Frisch Subsector has been generated with a mixture of rules. I choose the 10x10 grid and then used the 1977 edition of Traveller’s Book 03 rules to determine whether a hex contained a star system or not using the standard 4+ on a 1d6 dice roll rules. I then used the 2d6 Starport generation table rules and ran through all of the possible jump route combination rules as well.

A 10x10 hexmap of planets and jump routes in the Frisch Subsector. Phinto is located in the center of the map.

I think the Jump Routes concept from 1977 Traveller really gives an excellent topology” to the subsector. A sense of which regions are lived in, more commercial perhaps, and which ones are isolated for whatever reason.

One thing I realized after doing this exercise is that Classic Traveller tells you only to figure out whether a hex is populated, what class of starport it has, and if there are jump routes. It never says to immediately go in and start filling in all of the world details. As such, I will only fill in the world details as I visit a world or a world comes in play (through a news event, NPC, faction, flashback, etc.)

I wanted worlds that resembled those that you might see in standard Star Wars Mandlorian-style TV episode, so I used the planet generation rules in the Star Wars: Galactic Campaign Guide (2003) rather than those from Classic Traveller. I am still using the Gas Giant rules (10 or less on 2d6) as I think fuel should be an important part of any smuggling scoundrel type space game. Planet names, so far, are coming from the Galactic Campaign Guide’s phonetic planet names generation system as well.

The atmosphere, gravity, and length of day rolls come from the Black Star Companion.

Known Worlds

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